Symphonious Thursday #17

It has come to my attention that some of you misunderstood my earlier comments about Halloween being closer to my heart than Christmas. As true as that is, it doesn’t mean I don’t love Christmas. Instead of telling you that I hate Christmas, that comment was supposed to tell you how much I┬álove Halloween. Like […]

Symphonious Thursday #15

It’s no longer Thursday, but I just got home from work a few hours ago, which I used for relaxing with my sister. I’ve been in town as of this morning til I had to go to work, so I haven’t been home a lot. But here’s what you’ve been waiting for: Ever since I […]

Why, media? Why?

Alright. I’m not sure exactly how much I rant, but sometimes some things just really annoys me. The subject in question has been bugging me for a while now, even before I started this blog, I think. My family and I are all great fans of the works of the late Mr. Douglas Adams, in […]