Symphonious Halloween

Oh my god, happy Halloween everybody! October went by way too fast, I didn’t even have time to make a proper autumn post. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating in, like 2 months, but school’s been super busy! But I’m giving you one now. I’m so happy it’s halloween, but I’m also sad that October […]

Adventurous sleep

I need to share with you the craziest dream I have ever had. The most realistic (and I’m using the term “realistic” very loosely), adventurous, over the top dream I’ve ever had. Having this dream was like watching an epic movie and I’ve spent most of my day pondering what it could possibly mean. As […]

Symphonious Thursday #11

Very exciting day laying in front of me. Or rather not actually exciting, but I feel tense, for some reason. My best friend came home on military leave again yesterday and I’m visiting her later today. In 30 minutes I’m going to my driving lessons, and I don’t know why, but I’m really stressed about […]