Shout Across the River.

I haven’t even told you about my school. I am now at my last year in high school (I am now 19 years old). I guess you could call my school a little… special. It is not a special-school. It is not a school for special people. I am not… special. The school is what […]


Well, turns out I was wrong. It’s my birthday and it is considerably colder today than it was yesterday. Though it’s not exactly cold, I can clearly feel the difference. And on top of that it’s supposed to rain later, so I’ve got that slapped in my face. Also, it turns out I’m an idiot. It’s […]


I just created some categories for you guys, to clean this page up a little more (I would like to point out that I still resent my present theme, but I’m afraid to change it and potentially mess it up). At the present moment you will find three categories: the first three subjects I could […]

Almost done. I’m sorry.

I think it’s about time I did a new post now. I’m sorry you probably thought I was dead and you worried your guts out, but I’ve been very busy. Honestly. I have! I’ve been busy finishing school. And having no homework. It’s occupying me mentally, okay? So this is my official comeback. I’m here, […]