Colour songs

I’ve just realised something very strange. Something I wasn’t aware of until just a few days ago, when I was taking the bus home from Trysil. Approx 3 minutes of those 4 hours I was listening to a particular song (which I will mention later) and looked out the window at the bypassing trees, (GREEN!!)grass, […]

Songs I never skip

Many of you don’t know me, but those who do… could probably guess that I like to play lists on random, and in particularly my starred list on Spotify. My starred list is probably my most mixed playlist, because I listen to a lot of different songs. But with a list of many different songs […]


I don’t know how many of you who follow my blog follow me on Twitter as well (btdubbs: everything I post here is posted there), but those of you who do might have noticed something strange the past… month? Maybe? I’m not sure how long this has been going on, since I don’t regularly visit […]

Symphonious Tuesday

I know it’s not Thursday yet, but I just stubled over a song that I think everybody should hear, especially those who share my love of They Might Be Giants. This was shared on TMBGareOK (Tumblr): Obviously I visit this site regurarly, and noticed this today. They said: “Johns, the video for Adam Rivera’s “Grey World” has […]