Symphonious Thursday #16

I am so sorry for not being productive on here for a while. I honestly have been really busy. I’ve hardly had any time at home at all, and the times I have been, I’ve been sleeping or spending time with others. I’m not saying I’m working a lot, just that a lot have been going on this week. Hope you can forgive me.

I don’t really know why, but for some reason I get these periods where I’m obsessed with Portal. Like now, and a few weeks ago. I wanted to wait to tell you this, but finally there was a man standing on my porch with a huge box. Guess who that box was for? And guess what was inside?

A Portal gun!

It might be difficult to see, but I think you get the picture. I’ve got more pictures, but I’ll have to upload them to my computer first. I’ll tell you more about it later. Also, you can’t see it, but I’m wearing Chell‘s tank top. And I spent several hours on this:

Companion Cube

But thanks to my awful web camera, you can hardly see the work I put into it. I’m not saying I’m a good artist. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done, which is saying a lot, ’cause it’s pretty average. Just a tiny bit proud.

The point being that I am currently obsessed with Portal, and it shouldn’t therefore be unusual to listen to the soundtrack, which I did. Again.
The song of the week is:

WARNING: Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

My friend and I, both being huge Portal fans, were talking about GlaDOS, Wheatley and Chell, and their relationship in Portal 2. Obviously it’s the ongoing “battle” with GlaDOS against Chell, and Wheatley being on your side. But then when you put Wheatley in charge everything changes for the worse.
Now, when you encounter GlaDOS after Wheatley’s takeover she tells you that you both have to work together to bring him down, and then put GlaDOS back in charge. Why? Because if you don’t Wheatley will destroy the entire facility, and you with it.

However there seems to be something more to it. Not to mention she actually starts to defend you throughout the journey, she also gets a sense of empathy, which was lacking before. Without getting too deep into this (because it really is a big subject that can be found several places on the Internet, including videos and carefully written posts) you could say that GlaDOS becomes Caroline, or is Caroline, in a sense.
But the point is that my friend and I believe that GlaDOS is, in fact, terrified of Chell, and respect her immensly. GlaDOS knows Chell can ruin everything in a matter of seconds if she gets on the right track, and that scares her. We, or at least I, don’t believe GlaDOS hates Chell. I think she loves her (not in a romantic way). GlaDOS is obsessed with testing and the only one that she can force into doing them is Chell. GlaDOS knows she’s nothing without her. She is terrified, because she knows Chell can beat her and leave whenever.

I read a believed translation of the believed lyrics of this song, and from what I can gather she (GlaDOS) is sad because she’s a potato (she gets put into a potato). But for some reason I keep thinking about the relationship between Chell and GlaDOS every time I hear this song. I love it.

2 thoughts on “Symphonious Thursday #16

  1. I agree with everything you say here. As we talked about, this really is a great game, in that with so few characters, you can really flash out their personalities and reactions to different settings and (believe it our not, most movies (like The Hobbit) and games have a hard time with this nowadays) make a character. I absolutely love this game from beginning to end, and I agree with what you said about GLaDOS not hating Chell but loving her, but I feel I need to emphasize one thing: When Chell is finally gone. After the main storyline in Portal 2 you have the Co-op story (which we completed together, if you remember) where someone “breaks in” to Aperture, as GLaDOS puts it. She constantly references this person as a “she” which could mean that not only is she afraid Chell has come back to destroy everything, but that she also wishes that this person is Chell. This could mean a number of things but I think it is fairly abvious what it means;
    GLaDOS misses Chell.
    I could go on forever, but I won’t.

    Happy Christmas! :)
    Love, Speham

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