Philosophy Wednesday #1 addition

I’m trying to get another post ready for tomorrow, but in the meantime you can enjoy listening to Hank Green, the other half of the vlogbrothers, talking about exactly the point I was trying to make in my first Philosophy Wednesday post. I might have failed miserably, so here’s Hank on his show SciShow to tell you […]

Symphonious Thursday #9

Last Thursday before Halloween! I can honesty and gladly say that the Halloween spirit has found it’s right place in me again. The sun is up, the ground is covered with leafs, I’m preparing for my annual party, my mum and I are going Halloween-shopping and I’m listening to Oingo Boingo. Just like last year, […]

Philosophy Wednesday delay!

I want to apologise for not posting anything yesterday. I had a very long busy day and hardly had any time at home at all. I’m also sad to inform you that it’ll be delayed even further seeing as I’m preparing for my party and going to work as well, so things are a little […]

Symphonious Thursday #8

Well, according to my Spotify one of my top tracks is Under Construction, a track from The Sims soundtrack… I figured that would be a stupid choice for Symphonious Thursday. Instead I really want to get into the Halloween spirit, because it’s been rather lacking due to the depressing weather. I’m sort of caught in […]

Philosophy Wednesday #1: the universe, part 1: extraterrestrial life

I think I might start simple. The universe is something that not only scientists, but also philosophers have been wondering about for decades. And because the universe is so amazingly enormous I want to talk about it in several parts, probably talking about different themes within this subject for every “edition”. You’ll have to excuse […]

Symphonious Thursday #7… oh, and happy They Day!

Yes, it’s a thing: So, if you took the time to read the small article you know all about it. Though, honestly I just used that site as proof for my statement, so let me fill you in personally: They Day is a day created by fans of They Might Be Giants simply to celebrate […]

Philosophy someday.

Well, I’ve used all day considering all of the three answers I got from my poll. All of you said yes and I’m glad. However it wouldn’t kill the rest of you to vote, you know. There was a reason I put it up. Nevertheless, I decided I will do this philosophy thing once a week. Though […]