Sorry. I didn’t mean I could use YouTube to promote my blog┬áhere. That would be completely pointless. I meant I could use YouTube to promote┬áthis blog.. on YouTube. Which would mean I’d have to add something to the YouTube videos.. or else it would be pointless again. Sorry.

Vlogs ?

Hai, hai. I was just thinking about how I could get this english blog a little more productive.. I mean, how can I be a little more productive on this english blog. And I ‘ve been thinking a lot about making a video blog, for a long time actually. Before I even started this. I’ve […]

So there..

And that’s that. I’ve finished my big assignment, and it worked out fine. I’m not entirely satisfied, but I wouldn’t be anyway. I mean, I wouldn’t be more satisfied if I’d written more. I’m as satisfied as I could’ve been with it, is what I’m trying to say. And there really hasn’t been too much […]