A bit more detailed update

Sorry for that quick hello and goodbye the other day. It wasn’t necessary, but I felt it was about time you heard from me again. I’ve probably said it many times, and there’s been a lot of updates lately, and not so many serious posts about… things, but as well as serving as an update […]

Very quick update!

I’m going to work in 10 minutes, so this is going to be quick. I just read through a few of my earlier posts and noticed that we moved out of our apartment nearly a year ago, and my dad have been struggling with the house and everything for so long. It’s very amazing. The post […]

Love is in the air.

I mentioned in my last post that my mum was getting married. And now she is! She married the love of her life yesterday, and it was all very emtional. I hope I’m getting some photos so I can show you guys how beautiful my mum was, and how happy her husband was. Whenever there […]

What did the one dried fish say to the other?

Long time no see. Wow… so I’ve been super busy lately. Don’t get me wrong I have had time to myself, and frankly, time to write a post (for god’s sake), but suddenly everything decided it should happen at the same time. We really really have to move now. Luckily the previous owner of our […]