Q and A with Casey Dolan (creator of Wayward Pup)


  The Satellites Four (from far left to right) Danny Frankel, Doug Wieselman, Casey Dolan, Marvin Etzioni

Do you remember watching Sex and the City? That one episode where Aidan is trying to knock down that wall so that he and Carrie can have a bigger flat? Do you remember watching until the end, when Aidan has to sleep in the empty apartment and Carrie goes to sleep next to him? Do you remember that hauntingly beautiful melody that completely fitted the mood of that scene? Do you remember waiting until the end credits and then finding that the song wasn’t listed? Do you remember searching it up on the Internet and being totally confused that it was nowhere to be found? Do you remember creating reasons in your head as to why this song seemed to have been stolen from this world? Well, things aren’t always what they seem. And this is a prime example.

I was so confused when I couldn’t find this song anywhere. I had so many questions. Who was this band? How did the song end up on Sex and the City? Where was this song?!
Well, I have done my best for two years now, trying to find this band and some answers to this mystery. It pays off to be persistent. Casey Dolan (dead center in the picture, with the amazing velvet shirt) contacted me about six months ago, telling me who he was and where that song was. And there was really a simple answer to it.

I’ve had the absolute honor to work with Casey Dolan over email on this interesting Q and A, revealing the truth behind the mystery. I’ve learned so much about this unknown band and their story and I’m so proud to have been a part of this. I’m glad I can finally present to you Casey’s answers to your questions. The album is coming out as soon as possible, but we have to be patient. However, when it does come out it’s important to remember that in order to appreciate the album and the music in it’s entirety, it’s necessary to know the people and the story behind it. How it all started and how it all got together. And the best way to start is at the beginning.

So, how did you guys meet?

Doug Wieselman and I went to college together – the University of California Santa Cruz. Doug’s a multi-instrumentalist and one of his instruments is the guitar. Guitarists tend to gravitate towards each other, albeit suspiciously. :) I have a tape of Doug and I playing together in a dorm room in either December, 1972 or January, 1973 (!…yes, a very long time ago). Doug and I formed a pop band called Red Sneakers in Los Angeles in 1978 and we did a gig with a band called the Model in June, 1979. Marvin Etzioni was the guitarist/songwriter/singer of that band. Marvin became a close friend of both of us. I met Danny Frankel through a mutual friend in 1983. Danny had been the drummer of the Urban Verbs, a Washington DC band who had a major label deal and recorded with some VERY big producers – Brian Eno, Steve Lillywhite and Mike Thorne. He and his wife had moved to Los Angeles. We all liked each other and Doug and Danny went on to work together in a band backing the juggling theatrical troupe, the Flying Karamazov Brothers.

When did you decide to form a band and why?

It really all comes down to Marvin, one of the great cheerleaders. I had been in New York City over the summer of 1983 because Sire Records (home of Talking Heads, the Ramones, the Pretenders, Madonna, the Smiths…etc.) was courting me as a singer/songwriter – “the West Coast Elvis Costello” (honestly, that’s how I was described by the president of Sire Records!). The whole deal fell through, after months and months of recordings and writing, in a very sordid manner which I won’t go into here. I came back to Los Angeles that September wanting to quit the business and it was Marvin who suggested that the four of us get together in a recording studio and jam. He wanted to pick up my spirits. I was feeling very low. Doug and I had a little psychedelic surf instrumental called “Earthless” and I had some other tunes in my pocket. As we recorded all of these in a very loose manner, it became apparent that it was a real band and that we were engaged in recording an album’s worth of material. But I have to be fair about this: the first album, “Earthless,” was more of a vanity project for the other three members of the band than it was for me. They had many other things going on. It was serious for me, my main focus, and, as such, that album in many respects is a “Casey album.” I wrote most of the material and produced it.

Would you consider your band popular/famous at the time? Did people know about you? Have you done interviews as a band in the past?

Hah! NO! We were not popular or famous. I wish I could even say that we were INfamous! “Earthless” has probably sold about 5-10,000 vinyl and cassette copies since its release in 1987, although tracks have made their way to film and TV (or have they? Hmmmm…I don’t recall any royalties). People DO know about the other three individual members, though. They have each had and continue to have exciting careers and work with an astonishing array of artists. You can look Doug, Marvin and Danny up online. Prepare to be amazed.

Me? Not so much. Outside of a very small circle of pop and rock people in L.A., people don’t really know me and I’m not being humble. It’s the truth.

The band did one interview for a local magazine after “Earthless” and, recently, a radio interview for a show out of Tennessee or Kentucky (I’m sadly forgetting).

Where does the name of your band come from?

I came up with it. There’s no particular reference. I just wanted something that sounded a little like an early 1960s Ventures-type instrumental band, but as time has gone on (and as “goodbyeXotica” certainly demonstrates) we wanted to distance ourselves from that tradition.

How long has goodbyeXotica been in development? When did you start working on the album?

The sessions dovetailed into the “Earthless” sessions. Probably the earliest tracks date from 1986 and last into 1992. We were working at a studio in a suburb of Los Angeles – Thousand Oaks – in a neighborhood that was as uninspiring as you could imagine, a tract home development from the 1960s. But our engineer, David Vaught (sadly deceased), was something of a wizard. Every session was magical.

What stopped you from releasing it back then?

People were too busy (much like the situation right now). Marvin was producing a lot of artists as well as recording his own solo albums. Danny and Doug were both touring, recording, composing. I became the lead guitarist with a rock band – 3 Day Wheely – that actually DID have a kind of high profile for several years in the mid-1990s here in Los Angeles. But there was no time to address “goodbyeXotica.” It was put on a back burner.

What’s the story behind the album’s title?

I had written a song called “Goodbye” when doing my demos for Sire back in 1983. Marvin liked the music, but not so much the lyrics (it was kind of a suicide note). He suggested we do the song instrumentally but retitle it “goodbyeXotica” to emphasize its exotic nature. Originally, it was two words – “Goodbye Exotica” – but they became linked, then began with a lower case “g” and then, finally, my wife suggested the big “X” to fit a graphic design idea.

Was Wayward Pup always supposed to be a track on goodbyeXotica?

No! The album was finished and somewhat different in 1992. We have a lot of outtakes, potential bonus tracks, and tracks originally intended for the record but which, over time, have been knocked out. I was recording demos in 1993 for a solo album project which, of course, never got finished. I had an old song, intended for Sire in 1983 but never recorded, called “Sandman” (NOT to be confused with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” which came later!). I laid down a rough version with keyboards and two voices – me and Claudia Russell, a singer with a particularly poignant soprano. Then I said to my engineer, David Vaught, let’s flip the tape for kicks. Take out the voices, I just want to hear the backwards keyboard. I had a strong intuition that it would be lovely because of the chord sequence. All three of us – David, Claudia and I – were astonished. Our jaws dropped. I added a very subtle keyboard line forwards to the backwards “bed” and “Wayward Pup” was born. I played it for Marvin, who then insisted that it be on the Satellites album. Opening…or closing…it almost didn’t matter. Doug flipped out, too. And I thought, well, it’s all me (in many respects). I might as well put my best foot forward. 

Where does the name of the song come from (Wayward Pup)?

Funny enough, there’s an old animated film from the 1930s called “Wayward Pup,” but I had no idea of it when I named the tune. I’ve enjoyed a very close relationship with dogs my entire life (I love all canines…dogs, wolves, coyotes, foxes) and the music reminded me of a stumbling, awkward puppy. Innocent but insecure. I think, even at my age, that I’m still a little like that.

How did you come in contact with the creators of Sex and the City?

The Satellites 4 had an agent passing our music, both the released “Earthless” and unreleased “goodbyeXotica,” to various film and television supervisors. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know the name of the supervisor associated with “Sex and the City,” but they said yes to “Pup” and to Doug’s “Dream Geography.”

Usually, film and television people get it all wrong when they work with music. I know this well. My father was a film composer and I’m currently working in film and television post-production. The world of music, of composers, is completely alien to these people. They honestly don’t usually get it. But I have to give HUGE credit to whoever worked on “Sex and the City.” “Pup” sounded perfect in that scene. The right amount (about 30 seconds), edited right before it gets a little ominous. I couldn’t have asked for better usage.

Has any other songs from the album been shown to the world (in a similar way that Wayward Pup was)?

“Dream Geography” was used on “Sex and the City,” but I don’t know the episode. I know there was a Hungarian film on AIDS, of all things, that was going to use some tracks, but I’m not sure that’s happening. I also thought there might have been other usages, but, as I wrote earlier, I haven’t seen royalties, so I guess not.

There’s been some extremely limited radio play from advance CDs, but not here in L.A., weirdly enough. I think we honestly need someone to do the work we can’t and get it out to the right people.

Why do you suppose they didn’t list you in the credits of the episode (Change of a Dress)?

I HAVE NO IDEA!! Excellent question. We SHOULD have been listed.

Even though there was seemingly no info about you guys anywhere, they still listed you in the credits of the episode on IMDb.com (The name of your band and album is a bit off, but pretty close). Any idea how/why? Do you know where people might have found that information?

Probably from the Sex and the City people.

Any idea why there is so little information about The Satellites Four on the Internet?

Because there is only one official release, 1987’s “Earthless,” and that was on a label that doesn’t even exist anymore. We don’t have a website. Everyone has simply had too busy a life to devote any time to this. Of all members in the band, I should (I come off pretty well on the album), but I’m hardly even doing music anymore. I’ve found it extremely difficult to make a living by music. When my band 3 Day Wheely collapsed in 1997, that was pretty much it. I was in a band 1999-2007 – Steve Barton and the Oblivion Click (Steve was in an excellent San Francisco pop band, Translator, in the 1980s and on CBS/Sony, too) — but that band found it difficult to find an audience, too. 
Simply, the band was a project rather than a band taking it out there, touring, doing the promotion, etc. Also, an instrumental band is a very hard sell for a lot people unless it’s jazz, which is what Doug mainly does.

What was your reaction when you found out people had been searching for your song?

Delighted. Jubilant. Hysterical. I’ve seen postings from Spain, Russia, England, France, Japan and…Norway! :)  I almost can’t believe it. There have been some dumb things written as well. Someone had said that I’ve lost millions of dollars in revenue by not getting the song out there. That’s rubbish. Yes, we would have made some money if SATC had put out a compilation album with “Pup” as a track. Obviously, there was a problem of communication there. But no one wanted to put it out by itself and separate from the album. I came quickly around to that point of view early on. Yes, I could have offered it as a download (we may still have to do that with the entire album if I can’t find a proper home), but I didn’t want to for artistic reasons. But I am a terrible businessman; I’ll admit it.

How would you describe your experience with this whole thing (learning about your hidden fan base, that people have been searching for the song and the band, developing the album, etc.)?

It’s wonderful, truly, and I do hope it gets out there very soon. The album is quite varied. It does NOT all sound like “Wayward Pup.” Not at all. There are some loud, electric moments as well as dreamy subdued ones. It does not sound dated, despite its age. It was put together by friends in a very casual, non-stressful Californian environment. Mistakes were kept. I’m proud of it and I really do want people to hear it. 
I want the whole package to be special: the artwork, the liner notes as well as the music.

And last, but not least: How in the world did you stumble upon my website?

Easy. I looked the band and album up and, as you said, there’s not a lot on the Internet. 
But there was you!

I already have, but I want to thank Casey Dolan one more time for participating and being so awesome through this. I truly appreciate your time put into this and the insight you have given us. And I want to thank you so much for this experience. You have successfully made me the ultimate hipster.
So many people are excited to learn about your existence and the release of your album. Good luck with everything!

never thought I’d come back here

Soundtrack: The Satellites Four – Wayward Pup

As many of you already know, unfortunately, the song “Wayward Pup” by The Satellites Four has already been released somehow. I never really thought I’d come back to this blog again, and I didn’t really intend to, even after the song got posted online. When I found out I emailed Casey right away to let him know. It really upset me. Still does.

I don’t really understand how or why, but from what I can gather somebody got a hold of the song, I’m assuming illegally, and after seeing how sought after it was, posted it on a really sketchy website that I won’t even bother linking to. It seems to just be a fan site posting songs from Sex and the City, but I am too chicken shit to click anything on that page to find out, haha.

Anyway, something reminded me of this whole situation and I had a flashback to when it was good. I looked up my website, found the song, listened to it and just read through the Q and A. And I was reminded of how happy it made me feel. I’ve never felt more special, and typing it out now I suddenly realised how sad that is, haha. But it really was great, and I’m still so thankful for having had that opportunity. Reading your comments really made me so happy, even though I tried to stay away. Sorry for not replying. It’s just been a part of my life that I decided to put in the past. I really do appreciate it. I hope I contributed to your experience in a good way. Even though the mystery has been ruined by some assholes.

I don’t support the song being out. And it makes me really sad. But I hope it doesn’t ruin it for you. Or for Casey.  I would still really like for the album to be released, and I hope it does someday. I’ll be the first to but it!

I hope Casey won’t mind me saying that he let me hear the whole song even before it was posted online. I heard the whole album while doing the Q and A, and although Wayward Pup for many reasons is my favourite for sure(!), it is NOT the only amazing song on the album. And I hope you all get a chance to check it out someday too. I feel really honored to have been a part of this, and although it’s been dead a while, I hope this isn’t the end.

I’m redoing this blog. It looks like a teenager did it, haha. I am removing any way of contacting me and any Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook account connected to it. I’d like for this to be a stand-alone blog. Maybe I’ll post sometime, but it’s not my top priority. It was nice to visit, though.

Hope you’re all well. See you on the flip side!

Q and A with creator of Wayward Pup coming up!

Hey! Long time, no see.
So for those of you who actually read the comments on my posts you might remember that I was contacted by the creator of this little gem:

Some of you might even have read that he was interested in doing a Q and A. There’s been setbacks to the release of their album, but I want us all to be patient and just wait for this amazing album.
Anyway, it’s been a while since that comment, and both Casey and I have been busy with other things. However, just barely over a week ago I finished this Q and A and sent it to Mr. Dolan. He did like he said he would and answered every question and sent it back to me. I will post this Q and A here tomorrow, so get excited! It answered a lot of questions I had about the whole thing and their story is very interesting.

I am so amazed at this whole thing. Casey might not see himself as a celebrity, but he surely is to me and I bet some of you. I feel so honored to be a part of this.

Sorry for disappearing

Hey, so… there’s no excuse really. My mind’s just been elsewhere and every time I wanted to write on this blog I forgot about it immediately. This is just a quick update to let you guys know where I’ve been, what’s been going on, how I’m doing etc. I’ll make it short, and try to post more regularly in the future.

First up: no, I haven’t heard anything new about Wayward Pup. I’m halfway working on a Q and A for Casey Dolan, but I haven’t worked on it for a while. Like I said, my minds just been elsewhere. The last thing I heard form Mr. Dolan was this, which he commented on my video on YouTube, in answer to another YouTuber:

“The album will come out this year for sure. There’s been a slight setback in securing the right label, but I promise that everything will be available soon, even if we have to release it ourselves online as a download.”

Right now… things are going pretty slowly. I don’t remember if I said that I left boarding school, but I did. There was too little focus on the subjects for me, considering I went there specifically to learn about film, and too much focus on the social aspect, considering I’m very introverted and like to spend time alone. There were hardly any space I could keep to myself during the free time I had, and every activity revolved around doing things as a group. So I quit before I spent more money on it. I don’t regret it.
I started working with my mum, up until she closed her café in December to renovate. She opened again only four days ago, but now I’m living with my dad while I’m taking a course I didn’t pass in Uni, once a week. I start work again in April and will work until August, but I’m still job hunting, because I’ll only be working during the weekends.
Other than that I’ve just been skyping with my boyfriend and we’ve been talking about moving in together at the end of August.

And that’s about it! I’m sorry for not blogging, but I just haven’t been in the mood recently. I’ll try to be more active. Thanks for being patient with me.

If you have any questions for Casey Dolan, please leave them in the comment section! I’d like to finish this Q and A pretty soon.

Symphonious Thursday #34

Alright, I know I haven’t been updating in a while. I’ve been super busy with work and school and my new boyfriend (<3) and keeping in touch with family and friends and so on, and went on a little hiatus, but I’m back right now! I know I haven’t been posting a Symphonious Wednesday since, like, March (!), but I feel now it the appropriate time to pick it up again, but first: a quick update.

I’m currently in Surnadal, which is very far away from home and I’m not sure I want to stay here, but that’s a subject for another post.
I’ve got a boyfriend now, who’s the best guy ever and we’re very much in love. We’re in a long distance relationship, in fact, if we judge by my hometown he lives at the other end of Norway, which is hard and sad sometimes, but we try to talk as much as possible. In fact, we’re Skyping right now. We like to keep each other on Skype and be available for each other while we do our personal business at the same time. Like I said, we talk basically every chance we get. I love him and that’s all I’m going to say about him (at least for now).
Also, it’s finally October! Yeah, I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never. And I want to kick it off by posting a late Symphonious Thursday to celebrate this wonderful month.

I do realise this isn’t exactly the number one go-to Halloween song and it’s not particularly spooky or scary or in any way fitting for the holiday, but ever since my sister introduced it to me around October sometime it has reminded me of Halloween. Anyway, since  it’s still early October why not start soft, and we’ll build it up from there.

Also, I’ll be celebrating Halloween the 17th this year, because I’m not home towards the end of October, sadly. However, I’ve got a bunch of awesome people coming over to celebrate this great night with me, including my boyfriend who’s flying all across the country to be with me for 8 days. I’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures and show you all the cool costumes and stuff. I’m really excited about October and finally coming home!
Sorry for the brief hello and goodbye, but I’ll try to check in more regularly. Hope you’re all well.

The last answer I will ever need

Okay, so… I’m assuming most of you have read my last post, and I realise I don’t need to write any more, but… I can’t get this out of my head! I cannot believe what happened. It seems so real and so fake at the same time, and just the thought of a member of a band that I’ve been searching for, for so many years, actually commenting on my blog and finally (FINALLY!) revealing themselves sends chills down my spine.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, just in case this isn’t the real deal, like I mentioned in my last post. But at the same time, this seems very legit. A quick Google search for “Casey Dolan Satellites Four” actually turned up something that makes a lot of sense.

I’m sure you guys who have been searching for the song as long as I have, or maybe even longer, or even just started can see where I’m coming from. I just want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you! WE did this. Without your precious information and sometimes direct help I’m assuming this would never happen. I feel like we’ve built like a little community of wayward pups, searching for this song together, helping each other out and trying our best to get as much information about this band and the song from anyone involved. And now we’ve got an answer from the band itself.

I feel so honored being a part of this and in a way I wish it would never end, but I am so incredibly thankful that this happened!
I have so many questions I want to ask the band, like where have you been all these years? How did you get to have this song on the show? How come you are credited on IMDb, but not in the end credits of the episode? How come the song was used even though the album wasn’t finished? Why d you suppose people credit you as The Satellites instead of the Satellites Four? Were you aware of the huge demand for this song? How do you feel about all this? How did you come about my post?! My blog is like the least visited page on the Internet! I have so many questions, and I’ll ask again here (even though there’s a slim chance you’ll ever come back here): would it be possible to do a Q and A sometime? I bet your fans would love to hear your story and get some closure on all of these questions.

Thank you SO SO MUCH to Casey Dolan for actually coming out and help us get some closure on this. We can’t wait to purchase and listen to your album. And I know it’s not my place to say this, but please don’t make any changes to this beautiful song. So many people are longing to hear the complete track!
And again, thank you to everyone who helped search for this song, I can’t believe we did it!

Peace out!

okay wow

I never thought I would live to see this day, but today at 3 a.m. I noticed a little red “1” in the upper right corner of my YouTube window and decided to check it. It was a comment left on my video by a “Casey Dolan”, which read:

“I composed and played this. My name is Casey Dolan and I’m a member of the Satellites Four, a Los Angeles-based group that includes Marvin Etzioni, Doug Wieselman and Danny Frankel as the other members. We are working toward releasing “goodbyExotica,” the album that has “Wayward Pup” as a track, this year. Yes, it has been a very long time coming, but I hope that everyone enjoys the album. I think we are all proud of it. And, lest there be skeptics, we are the REAL Satellites associated with this music for “Sex and the City,” no other Satellites.”

I am aware this could be a troll, but after a quick Google search I am convinced enough to believe that this is in fact the writer of this song. Casey Dolan also left a comment on my blog, saying something similar, but word for word it read:

“I wrote and performed «Wayward Pup.» My name is Casey Dolan. I live in Los Angeles and I’m a member of the Satellites Four. The other members are Marvin Etzioni, Doug Wieselman and Danny Frankel. Our album, «goodbyExotica» will likely be released sometime this year. Yes, it has been a long time coming and I’m sorry for that. You’ll hear the full version of the track on the album, which will be released in three formats: vinyl, CD and download. WE are the real Satellites as represented on Sex and The City, not any other Satellites band. There will probably be a website set up when release time gets closer.”

I am at a loss for words… I cannot believe this is happening. This is just a quick update you you all. I hope I will be able to be a part of this process (not directly, I hope you know what I mean). I really can’t express myself right now.

Also, if you don’t believe me, here are the links to the comments:


My blog post


Soundtrack: Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse – Just War feat. Gruff Rhys


(Disclaimer: I haven’t actually graduated yet, and we don’t even do this where I’m from)

So I just finished school like 100% yesterday at exactly 22:18:14 when I turned in my individual report on a school project. It feels both good and bad.

I really enjoyed this semester and I didn’t really want it to end, for many reasons. Programming and designing is super fun! And I recommend it to anyone, even if you have no experience (like I did). If you’re interested in computers, even just a little tiny bit (I wasn’t too excited about computers before I started), and you want to learn something new while being surrounded by awesome helpful people, and you want to do something creative at the same time, this really is something for you!

I’ve met lots of really great people that I hope I can stay in touch with the next year. The main thing that makes it very difficult for me to leave is potentially losing contact with these amazing guys. I don’t know how much I mean to them, but they mean a lot to me. And it may seem dumb, but after attending the same school for 13 years and just having friends from that school, the guys at Uni were actually the first friends I made all by myself, and it makes me feel rather proud of myself.
I talked to some of the guys about maybe returning after my year at film school and they told me there was nothing that indicated that we wouldn’t hang out together even if I was a year behind them. I really hope so.

At the same time it feels really good, and a bit strange, to be finished and not having to worry about assignments being turned in. And I’m also rather looking forward to learning more about film, and I can’t fracking WAIT to visit Hollywood!

So the plans so far are:

Study film for a year, go back to Uni and take my second year in my bachelor program, MAAAAYYYYBEEE study film abroad in England, and then finish my bachelor in computer science. So 4 years in total. Obviously the guys probably won’t be there when I’m on my last year at Uni unless they’re going for a master. And maybe I’ll continue onto a master as well, I don’t know. I haven’t planned that far ahead yet. Also, I can’t base my entire education on the company of my friends. It has to be personal.

The biggest problem is that I want to do both! And I can’t decide what I prefer to do!

As you might be able to tell, my thoughts are kind of a mess at the moment, but I promised myself I would give film a chance, since I didn’t grab the chance when I could. I am taking that chance now, and hoping for the best. The main plan is to give film a try and see where I go from there.

Oh, and the soundtrack thing: I’m trying to start a new thing to add more… personality, I guess. A lot of the time I start writing out of inspiration from a song I’m listening to at that moment, and how I feel is often affected by that particular song. I try as hard as I can to carry those feelings into my writing, but it often falls flat. So to try and transfer my feelings into you (in a non-creepy way) I’ll try to make you listen to the same song I was listening to when I wrote the post :)
It might not work very well, because you’re probably already listening to something, and don’t want to be bothered and so on. But not only does it help me express my feelings, but it also makes it easier for me to introduce you to some new music without writing a long post about it.
Hope you’ll check the songs out, because they’re really good!

Rest in peace (1958 – 2014)

I just wanted to make a quick post commenting on the death of someone that I admired dearly. I understand that death is an inevitable thing, and I realise this would’ve happened sooner or later anyway, but there’s a few celebrities that I just don’t want to leave this world and one of them is this comical genius, Rik Mayall.
Rik Mayall was found dead, at age 56, June 9th, much to the surprise and devastation of his wife and children. Even though a day has passed since he passed away it really didn’t hit me until today. I have been such a huge fan of his comedy for years, and I just can’t believe he’s dead.
I don’t really have much to say on the subject except that it grieves me to have to say farewell to such a legend, and I want to send my sincere condolences to his friends and family. Rest in peace, Rik. You will be deeply missed

rik mayall

“There were times when Rik and I were writing together when we almost died laughing.
They were some of the most carefree stupid days I ever had, and I feel privileged to have shared them with him.
And now he’s died for real. Without me. Selfish bastard.”

                                                      – Ade Edmondson

Quick update thingy

Just wanted to tell you guys I completely redesigned my Twitter, my Tumblr and my Facebook page to match this one. I just wanted to make sort of a theme of this, because I actually kinda really like the new design! Also, if you head over to any of those you’ll be able to see my full face for the first time (for some of you, who haven’t seen me in real life). I thought maybe it would give me more character, I don’t know. But I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere, and I hope I’ll be able to post those big posts I was talking about pretty soon. I’m hoping to get this show going again!

A weird thing happened… my Twitter account was hacked again (!), and this time they actually changed the email connected to it. Thankfully when they changed it Twitter sent me an email telling me that I (somebody else) tried to change my email and that I could follow a link if it wasn’t me. Unfortunately I was a little too late, but I contacted them and told them about everything and it’s back to normal again! Well, almost normal. I still have the previous “owner” ‘s inspirational tweets on it. What I don’t understand is why these people hack my account. All they do is just take my username, change the profile pic and use it as their own. I don’t have any sensetive information on it, so I don’t understand why they want my account so badly. Maybe it’s a super popular username!

Anyway, it’s mostly me over there now, so please chack it out! Hope to write more this summer.

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