stupid internet.

Sorry guys! I’ve been without Internet for some days now, which is why I haven’t been updating at all. Also, I want to say sorry that I can’t do a vlog today, even though I promised I would… oh, wait. I didn’t. So you’ve got nothing to be upset for! Unless something really bad happened […]

I am not promising anything…

… but this weekend I’m doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I might do something, but I was thinking maybe I could take some time off doing all this nothing business and make a first vlog, maybe? I’ll find something interesting┬áto talk about during these last few days and make it look good, so you’ll get […]


So I’ve been spending an eternity to figure out how my theme should look like. I want it to look somewhat like my norwegian blog, or something like it.. I don’t want it to look so serious. Not that my norwegian blog looks serious. But all the themes here do. I’m having a hard time […]