never thought I’d come back here

Soundtrack: The Satellites Four – Wayward Pup

As many of you already know, unfortunately, the song “Wayward Pup” by The Satellites Four has already been released somehow. I never really thought I’d come back to this blog again, and I didn’t really intend to, even after the song got posted online. When I found out I emailed Casey right away to let him know. It really upset me. Still does.

I don’t really understand how or why, but from what I can gather somebody got a hold of the song, I’m assuming illegally, and after seeing how sought after it was, posted it on a really sketchy website that I won’t even bother linking to. It seems to just be a fan site posting songs from Sex and the City, but I am too chicken shit to click anything on that page to find out, haha.

Anyway, something reminded me of this whole situation and I had a flashback to when it was good. I looked up my website, found the song, listened to it and just read through the Q and A. And I was reminded of how happy it made me feel. I’ve never felt more special, and typing it out now I suddenly realised how sad that is, haha. But it really was great, and I’m still so thankful for having had that opportunity. Reading your comments really made me so happy, even though I tried to stay away. Sorry for not replying. It’s just been a part of my life that I decided to put in the past. I really do appreciate it. I hope I contributed to your experience in a good way. Even though the mystery has been ruined by some assholes.

I don’t support the song being out. And it makes me really sad. But I hope it doesn’t ruin it for you. Or for Casey.  I would still really like for the album to be released, and I hope it does someday. I’ll be the first to but it!

I hope Casey won’t mind me saying that he let me hear the whole song even before it was posted online. I heard the whole album while doing the Q and A, and although Wayward Pup for many reasons is my favourite for sure(!), it is NOT the only amazing song on the album. And I hope you all get a chance to check it out someday too. I feel really honored to have been a part of this, and although it’s been dead a while, I hope this isn’t the end.

I’m redoing this blog. It looks like a teenager did it, haha. I am removing any way of contacting me and any Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook account connected to it. I’d like for this to be a stand-alone blog. Maybe I’ll post sometime, but it’s not my top priority. It was nice to visit, though.

Hope you’re all well. See you on the flip side!

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