London, day 1 (09.08.2012)

The day started at my dad’s house (which was a mess considering we’re moving). He was playing a new online ARG (alternate reality gaming) called “Secret World” which is basically a British “what would the world be like if all the myths in the world were real?” game. It was pretty cool. I slept for […]


I am sorry I haven’t gotten ’round to writing about my trip yet. These are busy days for some reason. In just a few minutes I’m going to my dad’s to clean our apartment because, as I’ve stated several times, we’re moving. We got the loan (that I didn’t tell you about)! The reason we’ve […]

Let’s just pretend…

… that my last post wasn’t my official goodbye. I’ve got a few minutes right now to give you a proper one. I don’t even think my last post did a very good job explaining really how much I am looking forward to this. I honestly find myself jumping up and down, making a high-pitched, […]


Just wanted to show you guys my “uniform”. I got it two days ago after work, but I’m not supposed to wear it yet. At work, I mean. I am still in training and if I wear this at work people will be all like “Hey, where’s my hot dog?! You’re stupid and I hate you.”, […]