Symphonious Thursday #30

Alright. I am well aware that I have not posted a Symphonious Thursday in almost a month, but I’ve been quite busy. Also, for this one I don’t intend to do the same thing I’ve done the other times. You know, posting the songs I missed the last time. This time is going to be […]


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Not only do I love lists (not so much making them), but I also love people that inspire me. As you’ve probably understood by reading much on this site I love film and music, and if I were to choose between a career in either of […]

I am not promising anything…

… but this weekend I’m doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I might do something, but I was thinking maybe I could take some time off doing all this nothing business and make a first vlog, maybe? I’ll find something interesting┬áto talk about during these last few days and make it look good, so you’ll get […]

Vlogs ?

Hai, hai. I was just thinking about how I could get this english blog a little more productive.. I mean, how can I be a little more productive on this english blog. And I ‘ve been thinking a lot about making a video blog, for a long time actually. Before I even started this. I’ve […]