I don’t know how many of you who follow my blog follow me on Twitter as well (btdubbs: everything I post here is posted there), but those of you who do might have noticed something strange the past… month? Maybe? I’m not sure how long this has been going on, since I don’t regularly visit […]


So instead of doing actually very important schoolwork I decided to write a post about… nothing in particular. I just feel like writing, but nothing important that needs thinking. Just kidding. I just wanted to tell you guys what’s coming up. What’s coming up is exams. God, exams. Believe it or not I didn’t actually […]

Symphonious Halloween

Oh my god, happy Halloween everybody! October went by way too fast, I didn’t even have time to make a proper autumn post. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating in, like 2 months, but school’s been super busy! But I’m giving you one now. I’m so happy it’s halloween, but I’m also sad that October […]

I know…

I know… I know I said I’d be updating more regularly. But University turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than anticipated. I was really surprised when I first visited this page again today and noticed the high number of visitors I seemed to have been gaining since I last visited, but that was […]

Very quick update!

I’m going to work in 10 minutes, so this is going to be quick. I just read through a few of my earlier posts and noticed that we moved out of our apartment nearly a year ago, and my dad have been struggling with the house and everything for so long. It’s very amazing. The post […]

Love is in the air.

I mentioned in my last post that my mum was getting married. And now she is! She married the love of her life yesterday, and it was all very emtional. I hope I’m getting some photos so I can show you guys how beautiful my mum was, and how happy her husband was. Whenever there […]

What did the one dried fish say to the other?

Long time no see. Wow… so I’ve been super busy lately. Don’t get me wrong I have had time to myself, and frankly, time to write a post (for god’s sake), but suddenly everything decided it should happen at the same time. We really really have to move now. Luckily the previous owner of our […]

Adventurous sleep

I need to share with you the craziest dream I have ever had. The most realistic (and I’m using the term “realistic” very loosely), adventurous, over the top dream I’ve ever had. Having this dream was like watching an epic movie and I’ve spent most of my day pondering what it could possibly mean. As […]