The last answer I will ever need

Okay, so… I’m assuming most of you have read my last post, and I realise I don’t need to write any more, but… I can’t get this out of my head! I cannot believe what happened. It seems so real and so fake at the same time, and just the thought of a member of a band that I’ve been searching for, for so many years, actually commenting on my blog and finally (FINALLY!) revealing themselves sends chills down my spine.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, just in case this isn’t the real deal, like I mentioned in my last post. But at the same time, this seems very legit. A quick Google search for “Casey Dolan Satellites Four” actually turned up something that makes a lot of sense.

I’m sure you guys who have been searching for the song as long as I have, or maybe even longer, or even just started can see where I’m coming from. I just want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you! WE did this. Without your precious information and sometimes direct help I’m assuming this would never happen. I feel like we’ve built like a little community of wayward pups, searching for this song together, helping each other out and trying our best to get as much information about this band and the song from anyone involved. And now we’ve got an answer from the band itself.

I feel so honored being a part of this and in a way I wish it would never end, but I am so incredibly thankful that this happened!
I have so many questions I want to ask the band, like where have you been all these years? How did you get to have this song on the show? How come you are credited on IMDb, but not in the end credits of the episode? How come the song was used even though the album wasn’t finished? Why d you suppose people credit you as The Satellites instead of the Satellites Four? Were you aware of the huge demand for this song? How do you feel about all this? How did you come about my post?! My blog is like the least visited page on the Internet! I have so many questions, and I’ll ask again here (even though there’s a slim chance you’ll ever come back here): would it be possible to do a Q and A sometime? I bet your fans would love to hear your story and get some closure on all of these questions.

Thank you SO SO MUCH to Casey Dolan for actually coming out and help us get some closure on this. We can’t wait to purchase and listen to your album. And I know it’s not my place to say this, but please don’t make any changes to this beautiful song. So many people are longing to hear the complete track!
And again, thank you to everyone who helped search for this song, I can’t believe we did it!

Peace out!

11 thoughts on “The last answer I will ever need

  1. I’m for real, not a fake, and there are about a thousand musicians here in Los Angeles who can back that claim up. Some answers: the song is part of our unreleased second album, “goodbyExotica,” and was offered by an agent to HBO and the “Sex and the City” people (along with “Dream Geography” from the same album) and they went for it. I did NOT realize the demand for this track until about two years ago! Truth! Why we have not been included in musical compilations from that show actually has me concerned. I am NOT hard to locate. There is a substantial back story to the composition of the song, which I just posted on Facebook. I am the only person who composed “Wayward Pup” and who played on it, but it will officially be released under the Satellites Four. The album really will come out by the end of the year in, hopefully, three formats — vinyl, CD and download. It should be available from a website we will set up, but we’re in the mastering stage right now.

    I found your site by trying, inch by inch, to locate as many people as I can who have an interest in this track or the Satellites Four (and that’s the way it should be, by the way. Not just “Satellites”).

    All of this is blowing my mind a bit. I’ve discovered that there are fans of that 29 seconds in England, France, Denmark, Spain and Russia. The track itself is seven times that length with two additional sections. I am SOO pleased that so many people are moved by it (and you have to credit the people with the show for using it well).

    The album has many great tracks. We’re proud of it.

    • This is probably the most mind blowing thing that’s ever happened to me. I cannot wrap my mind around it.

      I’ll make sure I contact you by email with the questions. Thank you so much!

      Again, can’t wait to hear the album and the complete track! You guys are awesome. And thanks so much for contacting me, it means a lot!

  2. Moira, I have an update for you. It looks like “goodbyeXotica” (note the new spelling) will be released as a download in January, 2015, to be followed by a CD and finally vinyl. We’ll also try to get at least two videos posted on youtube for the album, including “Wayward Pup.” We had been hoping for the album to be released by the end of the year, but that is looking impossible at this time. I’m going slightly insane trying to pull things together.

    Once again, I want to thank you and others for your support on this. I’m probably going to name you in special thanks on the album.

    best wishes, Casey

    • Wow, that’s so awesome! Thank you so much! I’m working on the Q and A, but I’ve been super busy, I’ll finish it ASAP :) I am so excited about the album and especially the song and the videos! I can’t wait to buy the album.
      And don’t worry about it. I’m just super happy the album is being released at all, and I’m sure your other fans think the same. You guys are awesome!

      Keep up the great work :)

      • Thanks, Moira. I’m super happy, too. Most of the album doesn’t sound like “Pup,” because that tune is only me, no band. But I think you might like much of it. I’ll keep you informed. I’d love to do a Q&A, but only when you have the time to put it together. As always, I appreciate the interest.

  3. Very quick because I have to dash: There WAS a setback: we lost the label for complicated financial reasons, so now we’re looking for a new home. Of course, we could put it out ourselves — and may, eventually — but I’d rather it received the best promotion and distribution it can get.

    Really, keep hanging in there. It WILL come out in 2015. I promise.

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