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I never thought I would live to see this day, but today at 3 a.m. I noticed a little red “1” in the upper right corner of my YouTube window and decided to check it. It was a comment left on my video by a “Casey Dolan”, which read:

“I composed and played this. My name is Casey Dolan and I’m a member of the Satellites Four, a Los Angeles-based group that includes Marvin Etzioni, Doug Wieselman and Danny Frankel as the other members. We are working toward releasing “goodbyExotica,” the album that has “Wayward Pup” as a track, this year. Yes, it has been a very long time coming, but I hope that everyone enjoys the album. I think we are all proud of it. And, lest there be skeptics, we are the REAL Satellites associated with this music for “Sex and the City,” no other Satellites.”

I am aware this could be a troll, but after a quick Google search I am convinced enough to believe that this is in fact the writer of this song. Casey Dolan also left a comment on my blog, saying something similar, but word for word it read:

“I wrote and performed «Wayward Pup.» My name is Casey Dolan. I live in Los Angeles and I’m a member of the Satellites Four. The other members are Marvin Etzioni, Doug Wieselman and Danny Frankel. Our album, «goodbyExotica» will likely be released sometime this year. Yes, it has been a long time coming and I’m sorry for that. You’ll hear the full version of the track on the album, which will be released in three formats: vinyl, CD and download. WE are the real Satellites as represented on Sex and The City, not any other Satellites band. There will probably be a website set up when release time gets closer.”

I am at a loss for words… I cannot believe this is happening. This is just a quick update you you all. I hope I will be able to be a part of this process (not directly, I hope you know what I mean). I really can’t express myself right now.

Also, if you don’t believe me, here are the links to the comments:


My blog post

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