Soundtrack: Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse – Just War feat. Gruff Rhys


(Disclaimer: I haven’t actually graduated yet, and we don’t even do this where I’m from)

So I just finished school like 100% yesterday at exactly 22:18:14 when I turned in my individual report on a school project. It feels both good and bad.

I really enjoyed this semester and I didn’t really want it to end, for many reasons. Programming and designing is super fun! And I recommend it to anyone, even if you have no experience (like I did). If you’re interested in computers, even just a little tiny bit (I wasn’t too excited about computers before I started), and you want to learn something new while being surrounded by awesome helpful people, and you want to do something creative at the same time, this really is something for you!

I’ve met lots of really great people that I hope I can stay in touch with the next year. The main thing that makes it very difficult for me to leave is potentially losing contact with these amazing guys. I don’t know how much I mean to them, but they mean a lot to me. And it may seem dumb, but after attending the same school for 13 years and just having friends from that school, the guys at Uni were actually the first friends I made all by myself, and it makes me feel rather proud of myself.
I talked to some of the guys about maybe returning after my year at film school and they told me there was nothing that indicated that we wouldn’t hang out together even if I was a year behind them. I really hope so.

At the same time it feels really good, and a bit strange, to be finished and not having to worry about assignments being turned in. And I’m also rather looking forward to learning more about film, and I can’t fracking WAIT to visit Hollywood!

So the plans so far are:

Study film for a year, go back to Uni and take my second year in my bachelor program, MAAAAYYYYBEEE study film abroad in England, and then finish my bachelor in computer science. So 4 years in total. Obviously the guys probably won’t be there when I’m on my last year at Uni unless they’re going for a master. And maybe I’ll continue onto a master as well, I don’t know. I haven’t planned that far ahead yet. Also, I can’t base my entire education on the company of my friends. It has to be personal.

The biggest problem is that I want to do both! And I can’t decide what I prefer to do!

As you might be able to tell, my thoughts are kind of a mess at the moment, but I promised myself I would give film a chance, since I didn’t grab the chance when I could. I am taking that chance now, and hoping for the best. The main plan is to give film a try and see where I go from there.

Oh, and the soundtrack thing: I’m trying to start a new thing to add more… personality, I guess. A lot of the time I start writing out of inspiration from a song I’m listening to at that moment, and how I feel is often affected by that particular song. I try as hard as I can to carry those feelings into my writing, but it often falls flat. So to try and transfer my feelings into you (in a non-creepy way) I’ll try to make you listen to the same song I was listening to when I wrote the post :)
It might not work very well, because you’re probably already listening to something, and don’t want to be bothered and so on. But not only does it help me express my feelings, but it also makes it easier for me to introduce you to some new music without writing a long post about it.
Hope you’ll check the songs out, because they’re really good!

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