Quick update thingy

Just wanted to tell you guys I completely redesigned my Twitter, my Tumblr and my Facebook page to match this one. I just wanted to make sort of a theme of this, because I actually kinda really like the new design! Also, if you head over to any of those you’ll be able to see my full face for the first time (for some of you, who haven’t seen me in real life). I thought maybe it would give me more character, I don’t know. But I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere, and I hope I’ll be able to post those big posts I was talking about pretty soon. I’m hoping to get this show going again!

A weird thing happened… my Twitter account was hacked again (!), and this time they actually changed the email connected to it. Thankfully when they changed it Twitter sent me an email telling me that I (somebody else) tried to change my email and that I could follow a link if it wasn’t me. Unfortunately I was a little too late, but I contacted them and told them about everything and it’s back to normal again! Well, almost normal. I still have the previous “owner” ‘s inspirational tweets on it. What I don’t understand is why these people hack my account. All they do is just take my username, change the profile pic and use it as their own. I don’t have any sensetive information on it, so I don’t understand why they want my account so badly. Maybe it’s a super popular username!

Anyway, it’s mostly me over there now, so please chack it out! Hope to write more this summer.

My Twitter
My Tumblr
My Facebook

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