Trying not to get sued

So I’m not particularly worried about this, but just in case I’m changing the general theme of this blog (Batman). I’m a big Batman fan, and I am rather proud of the design of the header, but because of the high risk of DC actually visiting my homepage I’m changing the design to something more personal. I hope you like the new design (even though it’s not nearly as nerdy).

As for the name, you might recognize the phrase.

Although it’s a pretty well known part, I’m sure Monty Python won’t mind me borrowing their phrase for a blog that’s never even going to take off. And if they do, I’m crediting everything to them, obviously. I took that phrase from them without permission, and I’m sorry for not asking first, but the name was so good!
There, I think I’m safe for now.

Feel free to give me some feedback on the new design. You might have noticed me messing around with it a while now, but I think I found one I like (and hopefully you will too).

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