An answer

You may call me crazy, but I went ahead and asked a band I found, called The Satellites, straight up if they were the band who made the song (Wayward Pup). I think I mentioned that I found several bands called The Satellites, but none that matched the style of the song. However, these did.
This band was the same who made the song Soothe Me, which can be found on YouTube, and right here:

Now, I know I said, and I quote: “The only other thing I’ve heard of this band is the song “Soothe Me” (which you thankfully can find on YouTube)”. Here’s the story.
By scrolling down in the comments on this video I found a comment that said “I love this song. I think it’s brilliant, very beautiful and the voice is amazing. Jordi is very special singer. I love satellites!!!!”. By reading this I made the obvious conclusion that Jordi was the singer of this particular Satellites. By doing a quick Google search for “Jordi the satellites” I came across a Wikipedia page in Catalan for this band. I found that the vocalist’s full name was Jordi Herrera. I then did a Google search for him and after a short amount of time found their website.
You can easily contact them on their website, so I did. I got a dignified and a somewhat funny answer from them today.

An answer

So I’m sorry for potentially getting your hopes up, but no, they are not the same band. I still can’t find anything on them, and I still have no answer from HBO. Their songs are definitely as good, though.

BUT turns out this band is really good. They’re from Mallorca and make great music. You should visit their website and buy some albums. I know I will! You can also read about the band there and check out some pictures. You can also like them on Facebook (they post only Catalan (Spanish) updates, though… so).

Give this band some love. At least listen to some of their music.

2 thoughts on “An answer

  1. I’ve searched for this song for years as well. I’ve made films in the past – low budget films. And my theory is that this piece of music is just stock music that HBO acquired for this particular scene. There are stock music websites where you can purchase any type of music for films and just about anything you’d want to use it for. I don’t think The Satellites are a real band :( Shame…but I’m still holding out hope that we’ll all get our answer to this mystery.

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