Symphonious Halloween

Oh my god, happy Halloween everybody! October went by way too fast, I didn’t even have time to make a proper autumn post. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating in, like 2 months, but school’s been super busy! But I’m giving you one now. I’m so happy it’s halloween, but I’m also sad that October is already over. I managed to do all the things I usually do during an average October, but I just wish I got to do more of it. But school and other things have been holding me back.

I’m having a pretty mellow Halloween here, all by myself in my small dorm room, working on some school stuff. But I’m taking breaks regularly to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. I just finished watching Evil Dead, and I’m listening to my Halloween list on Spotify. A bit more work and I can watch the remaining episodes of Monster Madness. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to watch one every day, and my Internet is pretty crappy, so there’s been some delay. But fortunately that means I’ve got more episodes to catch up on now!

I’m celebrating Halloween with my friends this Saturday, which is in November, but as I’ve mentioned the Halloween spirit doesn’t leave that early for me. I’m also having a small one next Saturday for the ones that couldn’t make it to the first one.

And I must not forget that this year Halloween is celebrated on a Thursday, which means since I’m already making a post, I’ll have to post a song as well. I haven’t prepared anything special. Just a little something to put you guys in the mood. As you might recall (but probably not) I posted a list of my favourite Halloween songs last year, so without repeating myself, here’s another one I enjoy:

Hope you guys are having an awesome Halloween! I’ll probably (but possibly not) make a post about my party, if I have time. I’m either dressing up as Chell form Portal or as Beetlejuice again. I haven’t decided yet…

Now go and scare the shit out of someone! Happy Halloween!

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