I know…

I know… I know I said I’d be updating more regularly. But University turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than anticipated.

I was really surprised when I first visited this page again today and noticed the high number of visitors I seemed to have been gaining since I last visited, but that was quickly shattered when I noticed the highest number was four…

There’s been A LOT going on since my last update. Obviously there is my volunteer work at Øyafestivalen in Oslo earlier this summer. I’m not going to go into much detail about it. I started a very detailed post about it, and thought it’d be ready for posting later the same day I started writing it, but I didn’t make the deadline. The next day I had to hurry and get my stuff to Oslo and I’ve just been constantly busy since then. Not only with schoolwork, but also social matters. I will say, though, that volunteering at Øyafestival was a lot of fun, even the work-part. The concerts obviously was the highlight, and then especially Blur. You’ll find reviews of the concert in Oslo (07/08/13) many places on the Internet, I’m sure, so I’m not going to say too much about it. It was really awesome, though. Hope to see them again sometime soon, if I get the chance.

IMG_0693 IMG_0696 IMG_0701Damon Albarn being all sexy-like in Oslo.

And then there’s school. I got in at the University in Oslo, and am also living here. In Oslo, I mean, not at the University.
It is very different from Moss. You wouldn’t think there would be a lot of difference, and when you’re visiting there doesn’t seem to be that different, maybe apart from the higher number of people living here, but I’ve had a completely life-changing experience living here. People are very different, at least the people I don’t hang out with. In Moss I used to smile to a lot of the people walking past me, just to be nice. If I do that here people look at me strange and walk away from me. In Moss it is socially acceptable to say hello to and pet other people’s pets on the street. If I do that here they would call the police. I don’t blame them for expecting the worst of people living in the big city, but come on. I’m a tiny girl with barely enough muscles to keep myself standing up, I’m not going to hurt it.
It’s also very different living alone, with four people I don’t know. Mostly because I don’t really want to be in the same room as them, because of the awkward tension it usually creates when we spend more than five minutes in the same room together. I usually jog to the bathroom and back without spending too much time in the hallway, where they can easily spot me. But it’s worse when I’m preparing food. I have to spend at least 10 minutes in the kitchen, constantly worrying that someone will enter and catch me in the act… of chopping onions! It shouldn’t be such a big problem, but it is. It’s not like I run away if I happen to end up in the same room as one of them. Once one of them actually offered to make me some tea and eat his grapes (in a non-sexual way). They’re very nice, but I don’t do well with awkward situations.

Now for the actual school. As I think I mentioned that I actually got in at the subject I applied for. I found out it’s called computer science in English. I specialise in design, use and interaction. It’s a lot of fun, especially when we get to do programming. Unlike most of the subjects at the University we get to do practical exercises of the things we learn at the lectures, which is nice. I’ve met some awesome people I can hang out with. Making friends wasn’t as hard as I thought :) (I know I don’t usually use emoticons, but I thought why not…).
I still keep in contact with my “old friends”. I don’t ever wat to lose contact with them.
Right now, though, there is a lot of work with mandatory assignments that I have to deliver before I can take my exams. I just thought I’d squeeze in a little time to give you this long-arse update.

That was my last month in very few words. I could go into much more detail, but this will do for now. I’ve refrained from giving you information about useless things, like I bought a new bass and my room is quite messy at the moment. That will come later, believe me.

Please enjoy this picture of a huge strawberry mojito Solveig and I bought in Riga.



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