A bit more detailed update

Sorry for that quick hello and goodbye the other day. It wasn’t necessary, but I felt it was about time you heard from me again. I’ve probably said it many times, and there’s been a lot of updates lately, and not so many serious posts about… things, but as well as serving as an update for you guys it’s also a reminder to myself how busy I really am.

Here’s what’s going down during the next few weeks:
while I’m doing my last two days of work I’m trying to pack my things, because as stated many times we are currently moving, and my mum is currently trying to sell our house. Therefore everything must go my father’s “new” house. As well as packing my regular stuff I need to pack a separate bow with things I want to bring with me to Oslo. Usually packing is an easy process, especially for someone who has been moving as much as me the past years. Also, I should try to give most my clothes a good wash before I bring most of it to Oslo. Not that it’s super dirty, but I’ll need some clean clothes.
I’ll need to get this done during the next couple of days, while trying to spend time with my friends.
After that I am going to Sweden with one of my best friends, so there’s not going to be any time to pack there. This is just one or two days after I stop working. When I get home I have about one day to get ready to go to Oslo and do volunteer work at a festival, from August 6th to 10th. I’m not working every day, but I might as well stay there, when we’ve got a tent and everything.
As stated I’ staying in Oslo until August 10th, and school apparently starts the 12th, so I only have a couple of days to get ready for that. Also, while I’m doing that, I need to move all my things to my apartment in Oslo, because I need to be moved in before the 15th… phew!

I barely have time to spend time on my blog right now, but I want to make a comeback. I’ve decided I don’t need to write about my three day trip to Riga. At least not to spend time on it right now.
I haven’t gotten ’round to writing about my mum’s wedding either, because, like I said, I’m kinda busy.

I promise there’ll be a lot more interesting posts once I get through this phase… it is quite exhausting.

Wish me luck!

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