What did the one dried fish say to the other?

Long time no see.
Wow… so I’ve been super busy lately. Don’t get me wrong I have had time to myself, and frankly, time to write a post (for god’s sake), but suddenly everything decided it should happen at the same time.

We really really have to move now. Luckily the previous owner of our house finally moved out (like two weeks ago), so in theory it shouldn’t be so hard. However, we still have a lot of remodelling to do and most of our stuff is still in boxes. Pluss the smell… oh god, the smell… it’s almost gone, but jesus… I mean oh my god. My mum is putting our current household up for sale pretty soon, so we’ll have to move everything from her to my dad. More boxes! Then I have to move most of my things from there to Oslo, because I’m moving there! I got an apartment and I’ve already signed the lease and payed the deposit. So I’m moving there. I don’t know which subject I’ve gotten into yet, but it’s coming (june 20th). And between all this I’m going to Riga, my mum is getting married and I’m finishing work. All in the course of a month.

Now for something kinda sad. I don’t want to bring anyone down during my triumphant return, but I want to point out that this year has been rather tough on me. Not only have certain things at work brought me down, but also the constant absence from my friends and family has left me quite vulnerable. Not only do I rarely see them, but all my friends in my “group” has made new friends, and I have not. Apart from my coworkers I haven’t met anyone new to chat with or “hang out with”. I’m not saying I’m lonely, but I am alone. I am in the middle watching all my friends having fun with their new friends, trying to invite me in, but either I can’t because of work or I get this nagging feeling that says “I know you feel sad, but hanging with them will only make you sadder”. I’m like a chain between all my friends and their friends. I feel like a fly on the wall. And I feel like I don’t belong. My biggest worry is that soon I’ll have my own new group and there won’t be anything left of my old. And we’ll all go our different ways. Only meeting each other once every six months to catch up. It will be bittersweet and will be forgotten the next day.
I can’t see myself coping without the guys I have now, but I guess I’m afraid that’ll change. For me and them. I’m afraid there won’t even be a chain anymore.

I don’t usually talk like this on my blog, but I need to put it out there for someone to read and not interrupt me with “no, ofcorse we’ll keep in touch”. I just need someone to listen, not to comfort me.

Now that that’s over with, let’s get back to some useless information about what’s been going on since last time. I cut my hair! Not that you’ve seen a lot of my hair before I cut it, but now there’s an even slimmer chance for you to see any of it. That sentence makes it sound like I shaved it all, but I have not. I just cut a lot of it. I probably won’t post a picture, because I don’t want this to be that kind of blog. Also, it’s time to get real. The London posts aren’t coming. I just have to face that fact, and so do you. Honestly, the trip wasn’t that great that I’d wait a year to see some girl write about it on the Internet. I went to London. Great! I had a lot of fun. Wonderful! That’s what happened. Also, I got a new computer, so I’ll have to get out all the stuff out and take new photos. And you don’t want to see all that shit.
In other news: I got a new computer! A shitty one! I plan on spending some money of the ones I’ve saved to get a great one for my studies (and for games).
I saw the new season of Arrested Development. Verdict: I prefer the old ones.
I started watching Home Movies. Verdict: it’s awesome.
I started watching Emo Philips‘ stand-up. Verdict: he’s awesome.

Other than that I’ve been at my mum’s bachelor party and I’ve seen my mum piss drunk. So drunk that she tried to light her cigarette with a party blower, handed it to me and told me to “take good care of it” and that she thought it was “meaningless”. She also literally couldn’t keep herself from dancing to Michael Jackson. She was adorable.

Oh, and I almost forgot! They Might Be Giants are coming to London again! So if you haven’t bought tickets yet, I suggest you do. They are also going to Scotland and Ireland even. I am going, maybe I’ll see you there.

Besides that life’s been quiet. I’ve just had a rough time and needed some time off. I hope this didn’t bring you down, and I’ll try to post regularly from now on. Also, I apologise for the amount of shit in this post. Shit. Sorry.

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