Symphonious Thursday #30

Alright. I am well aware that I have not posted a Symphonious Thursday in almost a month, but I’ve been quite busy. Also, for this one I don’t intend to do the same thing I’ve done the other times. You know, posting the songs I missed the last time. This time is going to be a little special. Why? Because this time I’m posting a song that seemingly doesn’t exist!

The only way I can come even close to showing you this song is showing you a clip from one of my favourite television series: Sex and the City. Yes, I know, I’m a real girly girl.

Beautiful, right? Well, too bad this is the only place that people like you and me can hear this song (thanks to me for uploading the only version of this song to YouTube). The song was made by a band called The Satellites, who seems to be as obscure as the song itself. I’ve been looking everywhere for this band, not to mention the song. Searching every search engine I can think of I found at least five different bands called “The Satellites”, none of which seemed to be the right band.
Like previously said the song is even harder to find. The Urban Dictionary quotes:

“… it is widely regarded as the most widely sought, obscure, unavailable song of all time.”

– Urban Dictionary, July 6th 2009

It also says that:

“It is also known to be one of the biggest financial debacles of all time as billions of dollars of revenue was lost due to non-existent distribution of said song.”

– ditto

unsuccessful searches by ambitious nerds has led people to believe this song doesn’t even exist, or it has disappeared. Many use the phrase “like its vanished off the face of the earth!” when describing it. It is literally nowhere to be found. Go ahead. Try and find it. I dare you.

I have to say, this is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever come across. It’s almost like a “Rabid Child situation”.
Now, if you’re not familiar with the history of Rabid Child, a strange little piece from They Might Be Giants, let me fill you in:

In 1986 They Might Be Giants made a song called Rabi Child, which was featured on the bands first album “They Might Be Giants” (1986). To this slightly disturbing song they made a video, which was never released. A very short clip was shown in their documentary (Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns), but other than that the video remains a mystery.

(This is a loop of the 10 seconds or so featured in the film)

However, whereas They Might Be Giants never released the video, and probably never will (if they still even remember the damned thing), The Satellites DID indeed release the song. AND they let HBO use it.
Whereas we obviously know the video for Rabid Child still exist somewhere, there is no actual proof other than the little clip featured in the episode (SE04EP15, “Change of a Dress”) that this song still does (or ever did).

What really throws me off is that nowhere in the credits do they specify the name of the song, nor the band, nor the album, however on the IMDB site for this particular episode the name is clearly specified (as if it’s just any other song). How do we know that this song was made by The Satellites? How do we know it’s from their album “Goodbye Exotica”? How can we know the name of this song when seemingly nobody knows anything about the album, not to mention the band?! The only other thing I’ve heard of this band is the song “Soothe Me” (which you thankfully can find on YouTube). I can’t find any fixed info on the band, the album or the song anywhere. What I know is knowledge given to me by fellow Internet users.

What also baffles me is that they used this incredibly obscure song in such a random place! Well, alright, it’s not entirely random. It IS a very special moment, but they could’ve used ANY other song. This makes me wonder if the song was always this unavailable. Like mentioned people say it’s like it “vanished”. It makes me believe the song was here in a flash and then disappeared forever. Like it’s actually, physically, literally gone. But I’ve got a theory. The thought that the song is not actually called “Wayward Pup” is relevant.
My guess is that the band called The Satellites was a band founded by a friend of one of the workers on Sex and the City. To make it simpler: one of the workers had a friend who played in a band called The Satellites. One of the overheads got word of this and The Satellites were offered to have one of their songs featured on their show. The actual story is probably a little more complicated than that, but in my mind that’s roughly what happened. Keep in mind that I know absolutely nothing.
The song is obscure because the band itself is one in a million! There are millions of bands out there, and this one happened to be one of the “less fortunate” ones. In my mind they were never a popular band. In my mind The Satellites is a group of 4-5 men in their 30’s or 40’s who make music in their mate’s flat. “Wayward Pup” was a song featured on their newest album at the time; “Goodbye Exotica”, which was a big hit in their friend’s apartment building. They made 100 copies and sold them to their friends and families. Keep in mind that the episode “Change of a Dress” was made in the early 2000’s, and The Satellites probably never even made it to the Internet.
This is a sad, but realistic situation. And the story is no longer as mysterious and exciting as it used to be (a few minutes ago).

BUT (!) if that’s true (and either way) it still doesn’t make sense. This song was absolutely definitely featured on the television series Sex and the City, published by HBO, so once upon a time they had access to this song. Why? Why is God’s name and all that is holy did they do NOTHING to make this song available. I mean even the most unpopular of songs that somehow find their way to the public has some kind of avaliability.
This is why it seems like the sing only existed for a few seconds. It literally FEELS like it has disappeared.

I have tried everything in my power to get this song, but it just doesn’t seem to be around anymore. One of the most interesting parts about this is that I don’t even think The Satellites are aware that thousands of people are trying to reach them and trying to hear their music. I also believe HBO and the producers of Sex and the City are quite ignorant in this area.
The only possible way I can think of to get this song is to download a very advanced sound editing program, as well as a .avi to .mp3 converter, convert the video to sound and edit all the background noise out (and possibly loop it), or simply do a cover (by ear).

This song is seriously haunting me. I think about it all the time. The song itself is incredibly bittersweet and beautiful, but the story attached to it makes it almost on the verge of creepy and kind of disturbing. I remember watching this episode a long time ago and thinking this song was so beautiful, and I remember thinking I had to find it, but I never got around to it. I didn’t watch the episode again until almost a week ago and decided to find the song right away. Man, was I let down when I read the description from Urban Dictionary.

I’ll have to admit, trying to imagine that this song is not so obscure, I would probably download it and listen to it until I got sick of it within a week. Then a year would pass and I would listen to it again and I would’ve thought it was the most beautiful thing all over again. And to be completely honest I would probably not be as interested in it as I am if it wasn’t so obscure; if it didn’t have the history it has. The creepiness of the story, the beautiful tune and the touching moment it is played over makes the song the wonderful piece it is.

3 thoughts on “Symphonious Thursday #30

  1. I wrote that Urban Dictionary entry many years ago. I don’t know if I should be delighted or disappointed that so many others have shared in my agony. But as this entry was written just a few months ago, at least I wont have to waste any time trying any new search methods as it appears, they are all for naught.

    • I still can’t believe it. It really puzzles me.
      Thank you for contributing to my research though, in a way. If it wasn’t for your entry I’d probably be completely lost.

      And yeah, I don’t think (but I don’t want to believe) there’s any point trying to find it at all. I’ve tried almost everything.

  2. What’s bloody worse is that in the episode ‘Time and Punishment’ earlier in season 4 before ‘A change of a dress’ – they use another of The Satellites songs called – Dream Geography.
    It’s when Carrie is waiting in bed for Aidan to come home from the bar and he never does, I constantly hear random songs on the radio or another film that start similar and I freak then trying to shazam it but its never those songs.

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