Adventurous sleep

I need to share with you the craziest dream I have ever had. The most realistic (and I’m using the term “realistic” very loosely), adventurous, over the top dream I’ve ever had. Having this dream was like watching an epic movie and I’ve spent most of my day pondering what it could possibly mean.
As well as telling you about this insane adventure, I’m going to interpret it, according to the “Dream Moods Dictionary” and my own thoughts about it.

The interpretations is written in Italic, so if you just want to read the dream in its entity, just read the regular text.

The dream started with me, some friends and even some family members and some other unknown people standing in a bombarded, yet absolutely functioning city. I guess this was just how this particular city looked like. We were standing at the bottom of a very tall brick building that had been halfway blown away, apparently by a bomb.

The Dream Moods Dictionary says that “mass destruction suggests some chaos occurring in my life”. That doesn’t really males sense to me. There isn’t really any chaos in my life. In fact it’s just now that I’m about to get some structure into my life. However “bombs” suggest that I’m “going through a potentially explosive situation” and that I have “repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding”, and that makes a lot of sense. Mixed messages and vast criticism from a certain person at work is driving me crazy, and I’d like to give them a piece of my mind.

As far as I can tell we were some sort of resistance group. Most of us were dressed in black and many were wearing a balaclava. Our quest was to rescue a little boy that had been captured and prisoned by the government. This boy was probably around 15 years old, but he looked more like 6. He had very short black hair, very pale skin, light grey eyes and wore black clothes. He also had telepathic powers, which was probably the reason he was prisoned in the first place. We started climbing upwards the blown away part of the building and the boy was rescued by none other than Dan Aykroyd dressed in military clothes!

Apparently dreaming about a celebrity “represent my beliefs and understanding about him or her” and that the celebrity is “often seen as heroes and all that is mighty”. That’s pretty fitting seeing as Dan was the one saving the boy, and the only word I could think of while trying to explain this was “superhero”. It also suggests there’s some sort of pun tied with the celebrity, but I can’t really think of a pun for”Dan”, not to mention “Aykroyd”.
However when I see a particular actor in a dream I should look at the role they’re playing and that how I “perceive them can provide understanding in how it relates to me”. Does that mean I’m a hero?
To make this a bit clearer, I HAVE been wanting to watch Blues Brothers for at least two weeks.

The only appropriate interpretation I could find on “boy” was that my motherly instinct may be taking over.

The fact that I (and pretty much everyone else) were wearing black may refer to my “desire to blend in” or I may be “representing my shadow persona and expressing my subconscious thoughts”. I have no idea how I’m reflecting my shadow persona and I don’t really think I strive to blend in.

Though in theory just picking up a boy and leaving sounds like a quick process, this probably lasted for at least an hour. There was a lot of other things that happened in between that I don’t remember.
When we got the boy back to the ground then boy started having some sort of vision and the P.O.V zoomed in on his eyes.
Next thing I know some of my family members, an asian girl (again with black hair) and I were driving down a freeway, with at least 10 lanes, on motorcycles that resembled the one in The Dark Knight Rises very, very fast. I suddenly feel something hitting me from behind, but it feels more like something is pulling me. The girl tells me about the huge, green monsters I suddenly see on the road. The monsters have 2-3 long, thin, almost spider-like legs and its body is just a lump with two things dangling between its legs (they look like its mouth). The girl tells me that driving between its “mouth” is the only safe way past them, and that this is called “condensation”. The monsters barely move at all.

There is no definition on the word “condensation”, although this was seemingly important.

“Speeding” indicates that I am “compelled and driven to compete something”. It also suggests that this is “pushing people away”. This makes a lot of sense, because I’ve been spending so much time trying to do a good job, taking on more work than necessary to get this year over with, doing a job I don’t really like, and as a result I get a lot less time to spend with friends and family.

Monsters typically represent a part of yourself, or myself that I find “repulsive or ugly”. When this happens you should try and “confront the monster inside you” (I’m aware that it sounds cheesy). Also makes a lot of sense. We all have things we hate about ourselves, but recently I got a piece of clothing that I’ve been wanting for a long time (I’ll tell you about it later, because I think you’d be interested in it) in the mail, but I didn’t fit! I recently started working out to eventually fit.

To see or ride a mototrcycle sympolises my “desire for freedom and need for adventure”. Well, that’s just spot on. I need change.
Likewise, dreaming about a freeway indicates that I feel “liberated and free” and that I’m “well on my way to achieving my goals”. Like the plan always was, this year was to be used to earn money for my further education, and it has. Also, getting a job did make me feel a lot more independent and grown up. 

After “condensating” (and I want to point out that whenever I passed one of these monsters the actual word “condensation” appeared) a couple of monsters I passed the third one which apparently had some sort of portal. When we hit this portal it brought us to a small, yet big “room”. However, this room seemed to be missing a roof and looked more like the outdoors: the floor and walls was completely green, the floor was soft and looked to be covered in green pillows and duvets. From the soft floor very short, soft grass was growing. The walls were completely naked except for a small, simple shelf. From the “roof” there hang wine red rings (they hang in several shapes… it is very hard to explain) and when you touched them they made the sound of bells. There was another room to the left of the “entrance”. The entrance to this room was indicated by hanging wine red beads. This room was completely empty except for a short dresser with some books on it and a creepy cat statue. The shape was supposed to be the entire body of a sitting cat, but it was all covered by its huge, red, vagina-like moth. Its eyes were just two slightly tilted black lines.
At the end of the main room there was another portal that covered the entire wall, and through it we could see the other dimension. In front of it was a short, large round table. Somewhere on the floor there were very, very soft white and blue striped pillows  that could talk in a hoarse voice when you hugged them. I hugged two of them and asked them to MAKE some cups, but they told me that “cups don’t exist”. Their tone was almost rude, but I knew they were kind. Then I looked up on the shelf and saw maybe 10 white cups stacked together.
The people in this room (my grandmum, my mum, my dad, my brother, my sister, a couple of people I couldn’t identify and I) decided to have some tea and eat some lunch. One of the unidentified people were keeping guard by the exit portal (we were all still wearing the same clothes we did in the beginning of the dream, by the way). The dream ended with my grandmum saying we were out of butter.

“To discover a room” (which I like to think that I did, considering it was an accident) indicates that I’m “developing new strengths and taking on new roles”. It also says that I should consider what is IN the room and what this may represent. “It may represent memories, fears, or rejected emotions” it says.
The dictionary only lists seeing your own vagina under “vagina”, but it most definitely wasn’t mine. However, it WAS the cat’s MOUTH. I found nothing fitting for “mouth”, but I found something under “lipstick”: “Alternatively, it signifies sexuality and sensuality, especially if the color is red”. I guess since the mouth resembled a vagina, this is quite fitting. My dream is going Freud on my arse. Also, the cat often symbolise “independence, feminine sexuality, creativity and power”. The dictionary only talks about “people I know as statues”, “becoming a statue” and “weeping statues” under “statue”, so I’m going to go with “people I know as statues”, since I have a cat. However the cat in no way resembled my cat. This represents “lack of communication”… that’s kinda sad. I feel very disconnected with my cat because my mum always takes him up North to her fiancé, because they’re eventually moving there. I rarely see my cat and I miss him dearly.

I don’t know, this might mean that I feel distanced from my sexuality, maybe? I have no idea.

To see green grass in a dream suggests “there’s a part of myself that I can always rely on”, but it might also mean that I’m always “comparing myself to others” (“the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”), and I know a lot of girls, including myself do this.

Pillows indicates “comfort, relaxation, ease, and/or luxury”, but also often “laziness”. The dictionary tells me to “take it easy on yourself (myself)”. Could be a result of me recently starting working out.
If you’re hugging someone (or in this case something) in a dream it represent “your caring and loving nature”. I love hugs. It’s probably my favourite thing in the world. It’s obviously just an expression of my love for hugs and connection.

Under “liar” it says: “To dream that someone is a liar indicates your growing distrust for that person. You may have lost your faith in that individual. Alternatively, it suggests that you are no longer as confident.” Maaaybe, it means I don’t really like my pillow anymore, what? It’s pretty uncomfortable, but I can’t find anything fitting here. The pillows were most definitly lying, though. That’s why their tone sounded so rude. But aha! Under “hoarse” it says: “To hear or dream that you have a hoarse voice suggests that you or someone is not being truthful.” Coincidence? I think not.

“Cups” represent “love, nurturance and the womb”. Maybe, again, mother instinct.

Unfortunately, the dictionary sends me straight to “door” when I tried to search for “portal”. It was NOT a door, it was a physical PORTAL. Next.

Tea means “satisfaction and contentment in your life” and that I’m “taking my time”. Absolutely untrue, and the dream is contradicting itself. However, this is when the dream took a sudden turn for the better: a more comfortable, relaxed turn. However, lunch means that I’m “lacking spiritual enrichment and enlightenment in some area of your life”… but I could care less.

Like I said, this was one of my more “realistic” dreams, in the sense that it kept a straight plot the whole time. We were always on the same mission, and although we lost some in the process we were never more than the original members in our group. We were wearing the same clothes all the way through and the storyline seemed like something that could happen in a film. It was a story. It was an adventure and it seemed real.

Although nothing bad happened, I dare go as far as calling this a nightmare, with a happy ending. It was always early, creepy and at times very uncomfortable, although it was never scary. Even the green room, despite its theoretically comfortable atmosphere was just weird and creepy.
Theres just one more definition I’d like to add in, that applies to nearly all my dreams: “To dream that someone or something is bigger than normal indicates that you either have an inflated opinion of yourself or of someone.  You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship.”

In nearly all my dreams something or someone is always huge, especially rooms (like the small green room) or open places (like the freeway). I have always been the kind of person to let myself be stepped over. Especially when I was younger I had a hard time to stand up for myself or defend myself. I have always been known as “the girl who keeps apologising”. My father has always been the kind to  stand up for himself and put people in their place, and he has always told me to be stronger. I don’t know why I find it so hard. I know I’m right, but I’m afraid I’m not.
Apparently this is something that keeps troubling me, since it keeps coming back in my dreams all the time.

Make what you will of my dream and I hope it was as much fun reading it as it was for me dreaming it (probably not). If you decide to make it a movie, I am giving you the rights, ha ha.

If you want to try to interpret your own dream, this site is pretty good, although it takes a lot of time. It’s kinda fun.

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