Symphonious Thursday #27

Turns out “as early as possible” means “almost midnight”. I apologise for the delay.

Thanks to Speham for the suggestions!

I had trouble making up my mind for this one. Though I could’ve said a lot about all of them (JonTron – The Leagüe and I, Maroon 5 – This Love, Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.) I had to decide on the one that I thought would be a lot more interesting for me to talk about. The one I’ve got most connection with. Though I consider myself a JonTron fan, I don’t really have any relation the League of Legends whatsoever, and though I do have a quite (uninteresting) funny history with that exact Maroon 5 song, I chose the one I figured I’d get the most out of: Feel Good Inc.

You already know how I feel about Blur, and especially Damon Albarn, who went on as the lead singer for Gorillaz. And needless to say I grew up with this song (a little later in my childhood, considering Blur came first). To me Gorillaz works as sort of an extension of Blur. A more grown up and darker Blur, though there’s only Damon from Blur that went on to be in Gorillaz. That’s not to say that Blur were childish, but I connect Blur to a more childish state in my life and therefore seem more bright and colourful.

Now to the actual subject at hand: the song. Like I said, I grew up with this band and obviously heard this song when it first came out in 2005. The song was very popular and was played on every radio station and every music television channel. I didn’t actually know that the lead singer in Blur was the same as the lead singer in Gorillaz, so at that time there wasn’t really any connection between them in my opinion. That came later on. There wasn’t anything that implied that if I liked Blur I would like Gorillaz, but I did enjoy them both at a young age. My enjoyment of Gorillaz emerged mostly from the constant exposure it had to me (being that it was played everywhere), but it’s not the same as with the artists these days. I just don’t enjoy it. I enjoyed Gorillaz.

The first time I saw the video it really creeped me out. And that’s what I mainly wanted to talk about: children and fright. I am aware that “fright” isn’t the theme they were going for, necessarily, but that’s the effect it had on me.
Gorillaz was almost like a big brother; it was cool, it didn’t really care and I didn’t really understand what it was doing most the time. It had it’s own “grown up” life, but it still “cared about me”.
When I was young I enjoyed seeking out abandoned places, usually with graffiti on the walls and sometimes slightly overgrown. Not because there was anything at all to do there, but to absorb the creepy atmosphere. I really liked being scared, and I think most of us did, even though it was very uncomfortable.
We didn’t really get anything out of it except being scared, which was pointless, but I don’t think I was alone in doing things like that.

That’s sort of what Gorillaz reminds me of. A childish desire to seek frightening scenarios or places that’s not actually dangerous. It’s more about seeking the unknown. Being curious.
I associate Gorillaz, and then in particular this song, with growing up and being curious. It’s kind of difficult to explain, because it’s more about the atmosphere and the feelings involved with this song and the scenarios explained earlier. I can’t really put my finger on it.

But I definitely associate Gorillaz with growing up. They played a big part in my childhood years and even beyond that.

Again, thank you Speham.

If you have any suggestions for next week’s Symphonious Thursday, please leave them in the comments! Thanks!

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