Symphonious Thursday #22

I’ve had such a huge crush on Flight of the Conchords lately, and it’s gotten so bad that the only thing I listen to is their music and the only thing I’m watching is their television show, or anything with Bret, Jemaine or Rhys in it. I am what’s called “obsessed”.

It may come as a sur -, well, really it’s kind of obvious, that my favourite character is their manager, Murray Hewitt. The character was, in fact, so popular that they made Murray costumes for kids to wear on Halloween… weird.
Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is because the song of the week is sung by Murray Hewitt (or Rhys Darby). Enjoy!

I actually prefer the video version, because their album versions tend to be a bit “bland”.

Also, if you haven’t seen this show, you should definitely check it out! Just do it. Do it, I said!

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