Movie night with completelydifferent: Sex Drive

All right. I just sat through one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, and I know a lot of people will disagree with me, considering the relatively high rating it got on IMDb, but hear me out first. I guess since you’ve already read the title, it not even any surprise which film I’m talking about.

Right off the bat: it’s a generic, predictable pile of teenage garbage, and I hate it. It is so obviously trying to be an American Pie-type movie, but it fails miserably because of two things: misunderstanding the plot, and terrible “character-design”.

We see A LOT of these American Pie (I’d hate to use the word, but) rip-off’s everywhere and they are usually pretty bad, because they are so oblivious to the actual (though I’d hardly call it a) “message” of the American Pie movies, at least the first two.
I’ll admit, they are all mostly about sex, but they are also focusing on the confusion and curiosity around being a teenager. Wanting to explore by your own and everything going on in a teenage mind, especially concerning sex, which, let’s face it, occupies a lot of our minds, not to mention around that time.

That’s what these American Pie rip-off’s fail at. They see American Pie for nothing but a film about sex and how badly we want it. Not all the emotions and thoughts caught up in it.

The entire movie is about this kid trying to have sex with a girl he met online, and then ends up with his best friend, the girl who’s been at his side the whole time. Don’t act like the ending surprised you. It’s not even worth a spoiler alert.

I’m not saying American Pie is such an amazing movie and that the message goes over most people’s heads, but I would actually go as far as saying it’s more than just a movie about sex.
And that’s what Sex Drive is. It is a movie completely about sex (well, on top of being the cliché “the one I wanted was not right for me, the love of my life was right in front of me the whole time” type of film).

On top of being a very predictable film with a ridiculously stupid plot, it’s also filled with very bad acting. The main character is hardly believable, and it also features the worst Stifler impersonator I’ve ever seen.
Just a moment, let me talk about this “Stifler” character. He is just so straight forward and his lines mostly consists of calling people names and being a douche to his brother. That is just… not what Stifler is. And trust me; it is all very obvious not only that it’s trying to be an American Pie movie, but also that Rex is supposed to be like Stifler. But just like the rest of the film, it just misses the point completely.

The reoccurring jokes are very unnecessary and unfunny. I just wanted to point that out.

I’d like to cut this film some slack, but it just tries too hard and seems so proud of itself that it makes me sick just thinking about it.
I’m not usually one that criticises a movie like this, but honestly… it isn’t good.

I could go on and on about this film, but I think you get the picture. I can understand that it is just an innocent fun movie, but it just isn’t fun.
It is just a very, very predictable, stupid, oblivious, non-funny, try-hard movie that should only be seen after a large amount of alcohol consumption.

2 thoughts on “Movie night with completelydifferent: Sex Drive

  1. Wow, I really gotta hand it to you. This is the most narrow-minded and unresearched text I have ever seen you do. Come on, you can do better than this!
    It is written from a negative angle all the way through, you hardly discussed any themes in this movie other than teenage sex and you constantly drew comparisons to American Pie, a movie that isn’t really that good. (although I haven’t seen it in a long time)
    True, American Pie was almost the only hit from Summit Entertainment period, and it’s not uncommon for a movie studio to pick up on these themes again in later movies to see if they’ve still “got it”. You have to look at it the way it is, not the way they tried to do it and how far it is from the actual “goal”. Maybe they wanted this Stifler-ish type to be the way he is in this, you know, create different spins on an actually fun idea even if it has been done to death and we can guess the movie in a millisecond.
    Secondly, you should really do more research; the movie was a flop, and critics on IMDB don’t know shit about good movies.
    Lastly, Summit Entertainment never made anything good anyway.

    It’s okay though, I still love you. (in a very platonic way)

    • It really is bad. Like I said, probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. You just get the feeling whilst watching it that they really did try, but it just falls flat on its stomach. Watching the movie was like watching someone drag themselves along the ground. It was tideous and I didn’t laugh once (at least not out of the movie’s creativity or cleverness).

      And I didn’t say American Pie was a good movie, but at least it had a hint of originality. I agree that American Pie doesn’t contribute much more, but it is considerably better than Sex Drive, and I believe you would agree with me.

      The thing I said about IMDb and the movie was based on the majority of people’s voting (which was 6.6, above avrage). It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good movie, because like you said: IMDb critics don’t know shit (I agree completely).

      And even if I was to look at it for what it is and not what it is trying to be it would still suck. Like I said: it is predictable, cliché, stupid and puts way too much focus on sex.

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