You know what?

I have noticed the remarkable amount of absent likes on my London posts, and I can only assume it’s because you’re jealous. I have therefore decided to plainly ask you if you’re even interested in reading about it or if I should just drop the entire thing. Personally I could care less about them, although I never got around to telling you about our “crazy night”. It was at least crazy to me. But I don’t have to tell you a bunch of other bullshit to tell you about the exciting part.

Therefore I have created a poll that you can answer. I have set it to expire in a month, so you’ve got plenty of time to make up your mind.

Also, please answer if you happen to read the post. I noticed on my last poll there was a lot of people who didn’t vote even though they read the post. If you have trouble understanding what to do, please let me know instead of ignoring it. I do this because of you guys, and if I don’t know how to please you then I simply won’t be able to.

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