I’m being a child

I know, this really isn’t what I’m supposed to do. “Moira, get back to the posts that are so obviously extremely late that you promised you’d post a few weeks ago!”. I will, as soon as I’m getting out of my pajamas and take the god damned pictures. In the meantime I’ll write about something completely unrelated: nostalgia. Like I’ve never even mentioned the word.

I realise I talk about this a lot, but like I said: I’m in that phase. That phase where I long for the past. That phase where being a child seems so close, yet so far. I’ll never be that little girl I was. I know this, yet I still look for things that reminds me of the past. This gets especially sad when nostalgic things literally gets destroyed. When I was a kid, mum and dad used to take my siblings and me to a big shopping center. To me it wasn’t a shopping center; it was a playground, and it’s almost sad to say that many of my dearest childhood memories are from that shopping center. But, as you probably figured, it was run to the ground and a new “trendy” shopping center was built in its place. It still has the same name, but it’s not nearly the same thing. It’s just so weird to think that something from my past is literally gone forever. I will never see it again. It’s not something I can just pick up and say “I remember that!”, like e.i. a video game.

That’s another thing I wanted to talk about, because I did in fact pick up a video game and say “I remember that!”. The game in question is Heroes of Might and Magic 4. Not too old, I know. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t well on my way to becoming a teenager (not quite) when I stopped playing it. Most of my childhood memories are from when my mum and dad were still together (around the 90’s), but this was long after. The game came out in 2003 and we had already moved out of the house I grew up in (which we are moving back in to!) and my dad was living in a collective home with some friends. These years also happen to be some of the greatest in my life.
The fist day we visited to get a look at the (big) house we met our now very good friend Vilde.

But that was just some back story. Now to the actual story: like I said I just picked up HOMM 4 and started playing again. I don’t really remember why, but somehow it has something to do with Scott Matthews. For some reason I started listening to the HOMM 4 soundtrack (not related to Scott Matthews) and the memories just started flowing.

When we were living with Vilde and several others, us girls shared a big room where we had all kinds of fun and games. We also used to listen to Weird Al Yankovic and a song called Five Miles Out.
I continued to listen to Weird Al ever since, but for some reason forgot the Mike Oldfield classic. I just discovered it again about a year ago, only connecting the song with aeroplanes (the cover of the album the song appeared on was sort of brown-ish with an aeroplane on it, called appropriately Five Miles Out). I had no idea who made it.

Anyway, I remember we also used to play HOMM 4 a lot when we were kids. I remember fighting for our turn and customizing our own maps and armies (almost always with dragons) and just playing around. We had obviously no idea what we were doing and treated it like some kind of Sims game.

I’ve been playing it for two days now and I can honestly say I was missing out. It’s one of the most entertaining games I’ve played in a while. It might have something to do with the nostalgia value, but I think even if you didn’t grow up with this game you’ll enjoy it. The music is one of the best soundtracks for any game I’ve ever heard.
Just playing it and recognising not only the characters and creatures, but the power ups and general appearance of the game brings back so many memories! It’s hard to even describe.

I don’t know why I felt I had to share it with you, but I had to share it with somebody. So I figured why not the Internet, for everyone to see.
Hope you enjoyed reading about my nostalgia trip once again, and if you didn’t maybe you’ll enjoy this epic song from the HOMM 4 soundtrack, made by Paul Anthony Romero.

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