Philosophy Wednesday #2: humans, part 1: are senses fake?

This is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about, and something I usually get back to whenever I’m just sitting around thinking. My dad was the first to introduce this to me, and I even used it as a small part of my paper on consciousness and unconsciousness back in my high school years. I believe, without having any proof, that several have considered this and as well as assuming that many philosophers have been talking about this, I’ve also seen people like you and me thinking about it. It’s not an unfamiliar subject.

Our senses is a very abstract thing; not something we can actually touch. And I’m going to focus on the five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Going into things like emotion and thought will be way too heavy. I’ll try to steer clear of that.
You might be wondering what I mean with saying that our senses are “fake”. I don’t mean that they don’t exist, but putting things like senses and consciousness to words can be confusing.

Have you ever wondered why we’ve got these different opinions on things like colour, flavour, smell and so on. What think tastes good might taste awful to you. And thus we emerge into the thing we call “tastes”. We’ve got different tastes. Some of us might think red is a nice colour while others prefer blue. But what if my colour red isn’t the same as your? What if it’s not just a matter of opinion, but the fact that they are different.

From there you can go into detail and describe the colour, but that might not help. Because from there we can have different opinions on what “calm” is and what “fierce” is. And that makes it a lot harder. If you describe the colour red as “warm”, I might have a different perception on what “warm” is, and I might say I see yellow as a “warmer” colour.

The point being there is no way of knowing whether or not these things really exist or not. By describing it we are, in a sense, making it more complicated (based on what I was just talking about).

To be continued…

PS: I am terribly sorry about the late post. It did not turn out as well as I had hoped and I’m hoping that I can continue talking about this maybe next week, if not then the week thereafter. I’ve been quite busy.
Also I was thinking maybe doing this only every second week, not every week. We’ll see.

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