Great news, guys! I bought a video camera with all the money I’ve got. No, but I did get my salary and apart from saving half of it I spent some of it on a video camera. I hope to start vlogging with it, and also I want to try doing something else that I don’t think I’ll reveal quite yet (because I’m not quite sure).

Speaking of vlogging, I believe I’m not allowed to upload videos straight from my computer to WordPress, so what I think I’ll do is create a different account on YouTube, possibly using my Yahoo! and post my independent videos there (the ones I don’t do with Speham).
We are at the moment in a bit of a pickle, because we’re trying to make a channel on YouTube for our Iron Man Mode videos. The problem is that we used Gmail, and automatically got connected to Google+, which sucks. I don’t think any of us are keen to reveal our full identity when we’re putting ourselves out on the Internet, not that we’re trying to hide something, but we want to use our pseudonyms. First off, that doesn’t work. Neither does changing our name to Iron Man Mode. It is hopeless. If you’ve got a solution to this, please let us know in the comments.

Also, we decided to do the Half Life playthrough again, because we thought it was a bit rubbish. We do have several playthroughs that needs to be edited, though, so don’t worry about material. I also bought a USB stick with 32 GB, so I can transfer some of the videos over to my computer so I can edit some. I don’t want to leave it all to Speham and at the same time I want to be a part of it as well, so. I’m definitely getting the intro and outro on my computer so I can use it in case. We will post future videos on the future channel, just you wait.

I also want to use my Yahoo! as sort of a contact thing in the future. I want this e-mail address to be connected to the blog and the vlogs and completelydifferent in general. So I might put that up soon. I want to get this whole Iron Man Mode thing sorted out first, though.

The delayed posts are coming soon. Thank you for bearing with me.


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