Symphonious Thursday #8

Well, according to my Spotify one of my top tracks is Under Construction, a track from The Sims soundtrack… I figured that would be a stupid choice for Symphonious Thursday. Instead I really want to get into the Halloween spirit, because it’s been rather lacking due to the depressing weather. I’m sort of caught in a vicious circle: I’m lacking Halloween spirit because I don’t watch horror movies and I don’t watch horror movies because I’m lacking Halloween spirit. Damn.

Anyway, try to get into the Halloween spirit by listening to this awesome track by a band actually inspired by Halloween:

Clearly visible in all their videos, somehow. If you’re a Tim Burton fan you might recognise the singer. It’s Danny Elfman, the composer¬†that does 99% of all the soundtrack featured in Tim Burton’s films.

Oingo Boingo always succeed in getting me in the mood for Halloween. If you checked out my Halloween list you might have noticed that 90% of it was songs by this particular band.
I’m not really sure why I picked this song over all the others. All I know is that I didn’t pick one particular song because of the next Symphious Thursday. Yes, I’m planing ahead, and yes, I did just reveal which band will be featured next time, but so be it.
For some reason the choice was between this and the song Little Girls. I think I chose this because of the inappropriateness of the other song (if you can’t take a joke, I suggest you don’t listen to the song nor watch the video I just linked to).

I don’t know why, but I feel it’s necessary to mention that the band was heavily influenced by ska, which you can clearly hear in many of their songs. This was simply because Danny Elfman was very fond of it.

Next Symphinous Thursday is going to be a bit special, considering it’s the last one before Halloween (seeing as Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year). So act excited!

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