Reward: $41

An update is logical to post right about now, don’t you think? Firstly, the news about my blue canary: remember I said I had ordered some things from ThinkGeek and some of it arrived, but my blue canary was missing? Well, it still is, and I don’t think they’re ever going to send it to me. However, here’s the good news: I told them about this problem and they completely misunderstood me. I simply told them to find out whether my blue canary was going to be sent later or if they just forgot. Instead of giving me an answer they told me how sorry they were and gave me a refund for something I had already received! Oh no! Not only did they refund the money spent on the object (which was indeed somewhat more expensive), but the money spent on shipping as well. I felt horrible and told them what I really meant, but then they told me that they couldn’t take the money back and that I should enjoy the extra money. If that isn’t kind, then I don’t know. Moral of the story: confuse the sellers and you’ll get money. Just kidding.

Just to be clear, the blue canary is actually the blue canary being honoured in this song. That’s the reason I want it so badly.
When I get around to it I’ll show you all the cool things I ordered off of the Internet.

I also wanted you to know why these London posts are taking so long. I actually have all of them finally written, but I just haven’t gotten around to take a picture of the things I bought yet. Mostly because my room is a mess and I can’t find all of it, but when I finally do manage to take a picture of them, the posts will come flooding. Like a flood.
Not only are there posts from London coming, but I also wrote a post about inspiring people that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Now, Philosophy Wednesday: quite a sucky name. And honestly I can’t come up with anything better. Please, if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!
Also, I wanted to tell you that next Philosophy Wednesday won’t be on the same subject as last time. I want to have different “series” going, like once I’ll talk about the universe, next time the meaning of life and so on. Obviously I’ll name them different things, so I don’t think it’ll be messy. However, if it does I’ll figure out some folder thing and clean the mess up. I promise :)

Next on the agenda: vlogs. I know, I talk a lot about this and never actually get to it, but I really want it! I even thought I’d spend my next salary on a camera. With a microphone and everything. I will make it work, I know I will. Just you wait and see.

This was a rather boring post, so I’ll leave you with this:

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