Iron Man Mode!

Okay, remember waaay back when I told you I did a playthrough with a friend? First I told you that it was of a game I held dearly, but then we did another playthrough of a different game and through that playthrough my friend came up with a great idea, based on something that happened in the playthrough: I died. After he did some editing on it he invited me over and told me his idea, that we would play games Iron Man Mode, based on the song by Dan Bull.

I was overwhelmed by the idea and we started a new playthrough of another game I really adore, though I don’t hold it as dearly as the game we originally played (Monkey Island).

So without much further ado: here’s the first episode of Iron Man Mode. Enjoy!

I’m aware that it’s very amateur and my English is a bit… rubbish. But with time this can turn out really great!
We’re going to have different series, like Half Life 2 is one series and then another game will be a different series, and so on. I see Speham has already created a playlist for Half Life 2.

Also, I’m not sure how we’re going to publish these things and how we’re going to share them and how everything is going to work. If we’re going to create a shared channel or whatever, but it’s still just the first episode, so everything will be taken care of eventually.

In the meantime you can subscribe to my friend’s channel on YouTube here. Thanks!

Credit to Speham, who edited this episode and did the intro for our Iron Man Mode series!

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