Symphonious Thursday #7… oh, and happy They Day!

Yes, it’s a thing:

So, if you took the time to read the small article you know all about it. Though, honestly I just used that site as proof for my statement, so let me fill you in personally: They Day is a day created by fans of They Might Be Giants simply to celebrate the band and their awesomeness. The idea behind it is to find fans in your area, considering the tiny amount of awareness there already exist of the band. How sad.

Also, how sad that I’m not actually planning on going out today. I was afraid I was working today, but now I sort of wish I was.

I’m aware that the writing isn’t exactly like on the skull, the Y is a bit different… but I’m really not a good writer.






But now… in the spirit of They Day and Symphonious Thursday (let’s pretend 7 is a special number), I present to you my favourite They Might Be Giants song!

Probably not a popular choice, but while trying to figure out which one to chose I always came back to this one. I always find myself listening to this one whether I’m happy or sad, and no matter which mood I’m in it always seems to cheer me up, somehow.
Such a shame they changed it. They changed the title, the lyrics and removed some of the parts of it to make Sleepwalkers. Also a nice song, but I prefer the demo. And I like the lo-fi sound, even though it wasn’t intentional (it was recorded by a fan over the phone).

Probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I had to chose from around 10 or 12 other songs before I finally settled for this one.
What makes it so hard is their wide variety of songs and genres… you don’t have to be a specific person to love this band. They’ve got something for everyone, and I’m not kidding. I believe anyone could love this band. Also, it depends on which mood I’m in. One day I love a certain song, and the next day I can find myself really not being in the mood for it.
But that’s beside the point. Here are some honorable mentions:

I really love this song, and I can’t think of once that I’ve skipped it while listening to TMBG on random. I love the horns!

Probably one of my favourite live performances of all time, if not by They Might Be Giants. However, I enjoy this version more than the actual album version, and the video helps a great deal.

Also a song I really like, mostly because of the video. The simplicity of it is stunning and the song is just wonderful.

When I first got the compilation Dial-A-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants I always skipped this song, for some reason. Then, when I first heard it I thought it was so incredibly beautiful. A song where the lo-fi sound is actually intentional.

A very creepy song, indeed (which I love!). The thing that makes Rabid Child even more creepy is the video: they never released it and only a few close friends of TMBG has seen it. What you see on the video are the few clips that were included on their film, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns in a loop.

So that’s my little contribution to this special day. I hope you enjoyed learning some more about They Might Be Giants, They Day and hearing some new music.


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