Well, it’s finally here. My favourite month of the year. It’s really showing outside now: leafs are getting redder, sun is getting lower and the air is getting colder. Also, in the spirit of Halloween our front door is covered with spider webs (and spiders, for that matter). Even though it’s only October 2nd I’ve already started planning my annual Halloween party. I’ve had one every year for the past two or three years and they’re just getting better (at least in my opinion). I also used to pull some when I was younger. Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed Halloween and I’ve always been fascinated by fear. As a kid I used to seek out creepy places alone, like travel deep inside forests and discover abandoned cabins or something like that, and at the same time that I was terrified I also wanted to further explore it. I know I’m not alone in having these feeling, obviously, that’s why the horror genre exists, but the point is that fright, horror and all things ghoulish is nostalgic to me. It’s been with me since I was a child and that’s why I love Halloween and October in its generalness.

I’ve stated earlier that I find Halloween closer to my heart than Christmas, and in a sense that’s true. Of course I also love Christmas, but the reason I love Halloween more is probably because the spirit of Halloween lasts long before October even starts and goes on all through the month (and beyond), whilst with Christmas the Christmas spirit doesn’t kick in until a few days before Christmas eve and ends abruptly after December. Probably because New Year‘s Eve is so close to it and we have to get it over with fast.

This song and video reminds me a lot of my childhood, by the way. My dad is a fan of Alanis Morissette and used to play this song a lot. Also car rides is a thing I relate to my childhood, for some reason. I remember all the fun I had with my siblings and also all the fights we had.
(And I am aware that it takes place in winter, but don’t spoil this for me).

I remember seeing films like Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm Street at the video store and asking my parents if these movies were scary. If I only knew what took place in those films I would’ve soiled my pants, but I still couldn’t wait till I grew up so I could watch them.

Anyway, I bet you’re all wondering “if Halloween is so close to you, then you must have some kind of ritual or tradition, right?”. Well, yes, as a matter of fact I do. But I have to admit it’s kind of recent. But before I tell you what they are I want to tell you why.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but probably it’s about everyone who’s at my stage in life (on the verge of becoming an adult). I think I’ve made it clear that I miss my childhood and I suppose everyone around my age feels the same way. We’re becoming older and we’re starting a new life with bills, jobs and possibly later a family and we miss our carefree days. Like me we begin to remember the things we used to cherish as children and many of us start to for example listen to the same music we did as kids, look up toys we used to have, play the same games we used to play and watch television series and movies we used to watch to bring us back. I do this too and there’s a reason I connect October to my childhood, but I’ll get back to that. We also look for things that reminds us of our childhood, but aren’t necessarily from our childhood (in my case horror movies).
The reason I’m bringing up this is because of my previous statement that my traditions are recent. The reason I say that is because I used to hate October, and not just October, but autumn all together. The only thing I used to connect with that was rain and summer ending. That’s because I was in a different period in my life. When I was a kid, I can feel it now that I loved autumn. Around this time we used to take car trips (see what I did there?) to a famous place in my hometown: Alby. We used to dress like the girl in that video and walk a while in the autumn forests throwing leafs at each other and then having some cake at Alby Café. It was a sweet life. Then I hit puberty and I stopped going there. I stopped taking car trips with my siblings and parents. And I stopped being a kid, fair enough. When that period passed and I grew up, I started to appreciate the simpler time and I started to miss it. I realised that the thing I hated the most was actually the thing I held most dearly, I was just being a “different person”. When I entered my teenage years and started being “cool” I didn’t want to acknowledge my childhood. I wanted to let it go and grow up. But as we all know it’s impossible to grow up if you haven’t learnt to be childish.
That’s why my traditions are recent: because my nostalgic feelings are recent.

As far as my traditions go, they’re sort of directly from my childhood and also connected in a more indirect way. For once I try to watch at least one episode of Goosebumps everyday throughout October. I used to watch the series as a kid and also used to read the books by R.L. Stine (whom I thought was a girl because where I come from Stine is a girls name, but then I realised that Stine was his last name), but I suppose we got rid of them, because I can’t find them. I would love to read them again. Just a side note: the book pictured is the episode I find particularly scary. It’s season 1, episode 1 and it’s terrifying. Check it out!
Also, as mentioned I listen to Alanis Morissette, like I did when I was little. Indirectly I watch Monster Madness by James Rolfe at Cinemassacre.com. I have to say I was incredibly relieved when he said there’d be one this year as well (there were some complications in connection with the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie). I also listen to a lot of music I didn’t listen to as a kid, but are somehow nostalgic, like Oingo Boingo (and even They Might Be Giants). Probably because they’re heavily influenced by Halloween , which I believe I’ve made clear is nostalgic to me. I’ve got both a Halloween list and an autumn list on Spotify. Usually I listen to the autumn list in the daytime and the Halloween list at night. Also, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible and try to visit Alby as much as I can during October. Needless to say I also watch a lot of horror movies, and of course I plan my previously mentioned Halloween party.
Also, just to contribute to all this nostalgia, we’re moving back to the house I grew up in. That’s pretty cool.

So I hope enjoyed reading about my past as much as I enjoyed writing about it. Honestly I would’ve loved to do this as a vlog, but I don’t have a video camera. Maybe next year.

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