I need to talk about Kevin

So except for a lot of working there really haven’t been a lot going on. But obviously I haven’t been completely isolated from the world. I managed to get myself to Oslo and meet a friend I haven’t seen since… ever. I’ve been talking with a guy named Kevin over the Internet for at least two years, so it was about bloody time we finally met. We had cocoa and went to see The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema (second time for me… yes, I know). On the way to whichever cinema we got completely lost and walked around in the light rain for a long time until we found the one we were looking for. Very spontaneously we picked The Dark Knight Rises, because I thought it was really cool. We also had a walk around a park, where we got sort of lost. And also we got lost in Karl Johann, which is pretty amazing. The whole thing was so ridiculous that he even texted me after I got on my train (in the lines of): “This week: Moira and Kevin get lost in Oslo! Tune in next week!”. I didn’t take any pictures, but if you’re wondering how he looks like; just picture Guybrush Threepwood. The resemblance is striking!

I am currently trying to save up some money for next year. I plan on moving to Oslo, and have even looked into a few places. I also got really indecisive about whether I wanted to go the programing or the design line in IT, but I think I’ve decided to go for design. I imagine it’s a bit more creative. If you’ve got experience with either, I would love to hear from you! I’m applying for whichever line April 15th. I have settled for IT, though.

It’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to start my studies!

At the moment I am also taking driving classes, because I am getting a drivers licence. My mother is paying for all of us (her choice, not ours!). Would be nice to not have to take the bus everywhere. Those horrible busses.

And apart from that there really isn’t too much to talk about. I do have news about that play through thing I told you about, but I’d rather it be a surprise.

I’ll try to update regularly and I’ve started to write about the third day of London, so don’t worry. Hopefully I’ll be a little more productive with this one.

A nice cover of a nice song. As stated earlier I’m a big Pixies fan, and I’m usually not one for covers, but this one was really nice. I like it when the cover bands do their own twist.

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