Reliving the “old days”

A few days ago, as we all know, it was the anniversary of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins‘ birthday; september 22nd. Now, at my old school there appears to be a lot of Tolkien fans as I was invited back to my school of 13 years to celebrate their birthday. For that occasion some of the students brought cake and a friend of mine even made delicious muffins with Tolkien‘s symbol on them.

They really tasted wonderful. Also, another friend of mine made a delicious apple cake.

Not only did the students contribute to this casual celebration, but their teacher even read to the entire high school (which isn’t that incredible when you live in a small town and attend a not so popular school). She read the first chapter of Ringdrotten (Lord of the Rings in New Norwegian). I have a clip of it, but I don’t think it will make much sense. On top of being in another language that barely Norwegians understand you can just barely hear what she’s saying. Here’s a picture instead:

I stayed with my friends from school the rest of their school day. It was really nice to see them all and my old school again. The school is also getting a new building for high schoolers. At this point and before the young adults have been sharing a building with the children, only in the basement, so it’s about time they finally got their own. They’re well on their way.

And to end the day I spent some time with my good friend Andrea. I’ve missed you.

I’ve missed all you guys a lot! I hope I get to see you pretty soon.

If you know Norwegian I suggest you read my friend, the muffin baker, Sandra’s post about it. Good on ya!

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