London, day 2 (10.08.2012)

Before I start telling you about the second day of my trip, I just forgot to tell you about the other stuff we bought the first day.

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m a ska fan before. Consider this as proof (or not).

The man we bought our Dr. Martens from told us about this independent music store that sold music like punk, oi, ska and a lot of other similar genres (I can’t remember them all!). That’s where we bought these albums.

Another proof that I’m a ska fan. The Selecter is a great ska band (if you’re thinking about trying out ska, or if you’re a ska fan as well and haven’t heard about this band you should check them out).

This is not proof that I’m an oi fan. My friend recommended this genre for me, because she thought I might like it. I haven’t listened to it yet (sorry), but I will sometime.

Also, Hanne got a sick piercing!

You’re adorable, by the way.

Also I am so incredibly sorry about how extremely late this post is! They’ve been calling me to work as often as possible to make me good at it, so I’ve been both tired and busy.

Now back to the story:
The next day we woke up early enough to get some free breakfast from our hotel. Instead of going full English we just had beans and toast, which was good too. After breakfast we went to the Camden market and I bought this:

And this:

If you don’t know where it’s from I suggest you go rent (or buy or download, if you’re that type of person) The Big Lebowski and make your life a little bit better.

After having a nice chat with one of the salesmen we were on our way when we saw a sign telling us “OMG, there’s a friggin’ comic book store not very far from here, go over there, you bastards!”, so we (literally) ran over there.
We got some awesome stuff, but I bought the coolest things:

A Chinatown poster because I love film noir, and Chinatown is a great film noir and would be a great film even if I wasn’t a big film noir fan. Also, I know it looks kind of creepy with my fingers on the side there, but try not to acknowledge it.

A Batman poster because Batman is friggin’ awesome in every way possible. I am, needless to say, a huge Batman fan!

And because I am such a huge Batman fan I bought this as well. Batman Chronicles, part 1.

And last, but not least a Beatles cup. I am also, as I’ve previously stated and why, a huge Beatles fan.

The shop was called Mega City Comics.

After that we headed home and I put on my new dress, with my new boots. We then went to Piccadilly Circus, where we tried to look for Soho. After a while we were pretty sure we were in the right place, considering all the strip clubs and the “SEX SEX SEX” signs in the bookshops. However, instead of entering one of these shops (although I trust them completely) we actually found a market selling perfectly good used books. I bought one about Humphrey Bogart

and one about John Lennon written by his first wife, Cynthia with forewords by his first son, Julian.

I expect it to be rather sad, based on the forewords I read before I even bought it. Anyway… after buying some books we went on with our business; the last time I was in London, in Soho, I remembered visiting a vintage shop, which I found again, completely by accident. There I bought a Flight of the Conchords poster,

a Specials t-shirt,

a very awkward, yet very adorable t-shirt picturing my favourite Star Wars character; Chewie

and a poster of Humphrey Bogart.

Sadly I don’t remember the name of the shop, although it’s probably something simple like “London Vintage” or something like that. Again I don’t remember.

After that we walked around for a while before we sat down at a nice, but expensive café and had some coffee and shared a nice piece of cake. We then went home and I changed a last time before we went back to Camden Town. During our trips with the tube we had been witnessing advertisements for a sushi restaurant which was supposed to be just around the corner from the Camden Town stop. It wasn’t. We had to take a little walk before we finally found it. We had some nice sushi for dinner, and my brand new Specials shirt got covered in soy sauce. It was the kind of sushi restaurant with moving belts by the way.

After some refreshing sushi we made our way to the first pub we tried to get in at the first day (but we forgot our ID’s), The World’s End. Immediately we met Irish Michael and his brother in law from Poland and his friend (I didn’t catch their names, sadly). Also, Michael immediately wanted to buy us some shots, and free drinks is always acceptable (as long as they’re drug free). We all went upstairs and found a table where there was only sitting one person: Shelly, from Australia. She was waiting for her husband Dave (also from Australia) and her friend Tamara (from Australia as well). We were allowed to sit down with them, since they said they were just leaving. However, after spending an awfully awkward time with these two boys (the very drunk Michael was going around doing his own thing) we all went downstairs, where we found our Australian friends. It turned out they were very uncomfortable in the presence of Michael and therefore left, and they were also very worried about us, so they let us sit down with them. The boys and their adult left after just a couple of minutes and we hung out with our new friends for a while longer. Eventually they wanted to take us to an other pub they’d been to earlier. Being in the mood to party a little we joined them. It was a few minutes walk away from the bar we were at, but eventually we ended up at [insert name of pub I don’t remember at all]. The first people we saw apart from our friends were two guys standing at the bar. Being rather logical we headed for the bar to order some drinks and one of these guys immediately started talking to us. His name was Ashley (or Ash, as he prefered) and he was hanging out with his friend Paul. Ash then proceeded to offer to buy us some drinks and we had a big discussion which ones we should order. We finally settled for Mojitos, which I had already tasted before I was even 16 and I always wanted to drink one since. It was awesome. After finishing our drinks Ash wanted to buy us some more, if we payed the next round (yeah, right). We ordered a red one, an other one and a disgusting one; a Piña Colada. We all switched between these, which probably wasn’t a very good idea and we stayed with these two guys for the rest of the evening. They even followed us to the bus, but when we arrived I noticed I was missing my phone (my stupid arse phone!), and being the gentlemen they were they even followed us back to the pub to pick up my phone and then even followed us back to the buses and waited for our bus. What nice guys!
We took the bus home and had a nice sleep after a long day.

I want to apologise for the poor quality of some of these photos. My camera sucks.

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