Symphonious Thursday #4

I’m sorry for being a lazy bastard. And I’m sorry about saying I would see you soon when I wouldn’t. And I’m sorry I haven’t done this (or anything) for way too long.

As you can see I changed the name from “Song of the Week” to “Symphonious Thursday”. Symphonious is, as you can probably guess, a synonym for musical, so I thought that was fitting.
Here’s the next in the series.

Approximately a week ago I watched Scott Pilgrim with my sister, and this came on. Only a tiny bit of it, but I thought it was so beautiful, I just had to find it. To my surprise it was sung by the vocalist in another band I adore; Pixies (the vocalist is then, obviously, Frank Black).
Playing this out loud on my laptop isn’t nearly as satisfying as listening to it with ear buds. Without them I can’t hear the bass at all.

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