This is going incredibly slow. There’s been some personal set backs (that I don’t intend to go into detail about) and a lot of tiring work days in my life recently, but now it seems to tone down a little. I do have some good reasons to not write about my trip yet (although I’ve written most if it many of the posts aren’t finished and therefore can not be posted). I also apologise for not even posting a new Song og the Week, which has got a new name now, by the way: Musical Thursday of Awesomeness, for a start. I might change it, but I like how simple and awesome it is. I am still numbering them, but I am at the same time going to change the name of the earlier Song of the Weeks, so that there’ll be consistency.
Next Song of the Week will be called “Musical Thursday of Awesomeness #4”.

Everything that I’ve ever been talking about doing is on it’s way to production, just so you don’t think I’m sitting around doing nothing. It just takes some time to make it possible (like, for instance buying a camera).

An update would be appropriate too, at a reasonable time. It is coming.

I hope you’re all well and again: I apologise. I know you subscribing to me (which I appreciate deeply, by the way) to get something out of it, obviously, and I am not delivering. Not only am I making myself feel bad, I am at the same time not being a very good blogger. AND I am wasting your time. Sorry.

See you very soon!

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