HTC can go duck itself.

So I figured an update is on it’s place. This does not mean that I’ve forgotten about my trip, I just need some pictures off my phone and it’s just… so tedious to try and get them over to my computer. It’s nearly impossible! I have the phone they prefer to call HTC HD mini, and I must kill it. It is literally the worst phone I have ever held in my hands. My problem is this: usually I would be able to transfer my pictures over to my computer with a simple USB cable, but I am now using a different cable than I used before (it’s the same type, just not the very same cable) and my computer doesn’t want to detect it. When I plug it in, my phone starts charging, but I can’t find it anywhere. So what I have to do is to open my outlook on my phone (which takes forEVER!) and send the photos to myself via e-mail. This is very very frustrating when it could be very simple.

First world problem, I know, I just wanted to let you know why these posts are taking so long. I have started writing it, I’m just taking a tiny break.

Speaking of my phone, I really want to do a review of it sometime (maybe a video review?).

I am almost done with my training at work! A few days ago I learned how to make soft serve ice cream and I failed miserably. I am however getting the hang of it.

Also I just wanted to tell you something funny that happened this morning. You all know I just got a job, and that I’m still in training, however my training period is almost coming to an end. Since I started work I’ve been working from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., which is not an entire working day. So to get the feeling of an entire day I am starting work Tuesday at 9 a.m.
Now, my mum got home last night after spending a lot of time with her fiancé (way north) and I just told her that my training period was almost over and that I was supposed to start 9 a.m. next time. Then we all went to bed and I had a nice sleep before my mum came into my room this morning at 8 a.m. and said “Weren’t you supposed to start 9 a.m. today?!”, and being half asleep I responded “Oh my god, you’re right! But I don’t have time now!”, “Yes, you do. Get up and I’ll drive you”. So I jumped out of bed, really stressed and confused before I realised that I wasn’t supposed to attend work before Tuesday.
This is officially the most confusing and weirdest morning I’ve had in a long time.

And for some reason I just wanted to let you know how much I am looking forward to October. It seems ridiculous and nothing very special happens in October (at least not apart from Halloween), but I just really like October. I have a lot of trouble living in the now (you might have figured); I’m always looking forward to something or longing for something in the past, but somehow I really manage to do that in October, probably because there’s nothing in particular I’m looking forward to. Just being in October makes me happy. I don’t think I’ve ever said October that many times in one go before.

I recently started playing World of Warcraft (which I promised to myself I wouldn’t do!) in favour of a friend. If he could join a friend he would (and I would, though I don’t really care) get a lot of cool things. So I said “Okay, as long as I don’t have to pay”, and I don’t… yet. We’ll see how things progress.

And that’s all the updates for now. Something else might happen in my life pretty soon, but don’t get your hopes up. The rest of my trip is being posted pretty soon, I promise. Just be patient.

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