London, day 1 (09.08.2012)

The day started at my dad’s house (which was a mess considering we’re moving). He was playing a new online ARG (alternate reality gaming) called “Secret World” which is basically a British “what would the world be like if all the myths in the world were real?” game. It was pretty cool. I slept for two or three hours before I got out of bed around 4 a.m. and woke my dad, who made breakfast. I then dragged my luggage outside to wait for my friend (and her mother who drove us to the airport).
There was a nice, calm atmosphere that early in the morning, which was lovely.
Arriving at the airport we had to transfer all our belongings that weren’t allowed on the plane over in our big check-in bag, which could weigh up to 20 kg. (among our “illegal” belongings were pepper spray, or Safe Spray, which my dad bought for us in Finland). After checking in our bag we went to the airport security to check if we were bringing anything illegal and/or dangerous to London (which was especially important because the Olympics were taking place at that time). We had a cup of coffee and Hanne had a sandwich with smoked salmon and some weird kind of scrambled eggs before we made our way to the gate. Everything went perfectly fine during our flight.

When we landed at Stensted my first concern was to find the busses. I had been at Stansted before, so I knew where the busses were only I wasn’t sure. We stood a while waiting for our bus at the wrong place before I remembered that we had to go downstairs, where we asked a bus man who told us to “go over there” pointing at a group of National Express busses. We got in the right line, they had room for our luggage (thank God) and we had a nice, but long trip to London Victoria Station. From here we took the Victoria Line to King’s Cross, where we had to ask a policeman and a policewoman to tell us the way to our hotel, which was just across the road.
When we got to our hotel our room was still being cleaned and we couldn’t check in until 2 p.m. (I think the time was around 12 p.m.), so we just dropped off our bags and went to Camden.

When we got out of the Camden Underground Station and walked a little while we saw a man holding a sign telling us to ask him about Dr. Martens, so we did and he followed us to the original Dr. Martens shop. We stayed a while, bought some shoes and got to know one of the workers. Hanne bought a pair of brown and a pair of yellow Dr. Martens shoes while I bought some red ones, which I’ve been wanting for a long time.

I am aware that my yellow stockings almost blend in with the background and that it looks like I have no legs, yes, thank you.

After that we went home to change our normal shoes with our new shoes and show them to the Dr. Martens shop man back in Camden. He then told us about some great places to go out, which we totally ignored and went to an other pub. They asked us to show some ID, and we were totally surprised that they didn’t accept bank cards as legitimate identification (which they do back home aka. Norway), so we had to go back home to get our passports. I was now pretty sick of taking the underground (already), so instead of going back we went to a local bar/café/restaurant where we met the Italian bartender Andrea (or as he insisted at being called, Nino), who we got to know pretty well and who turned out to be an awesome person. He even made us Sangria (which we got to love so dearly in Barcelona) even though it wasn’t on the menu, and it was delicious.
After a long day we took an other route home and went to bed.

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