Symphonious Thursday #3

As you’ve probably understood by now I am a huge They Might Be Giants fan. And if you haven’t heard them before (that is not to say I’m a huge hipster, I just know a lot of my friends hadn’t heard them before), here’s a little taste of what they do.
What I like about this one is that at the same time that it doesn’t sound like They Might Be Giants at all, you can still tell it is. A person at YouTube called Pureferret had a nice comment to that:

“I let my firned listen to TMBG on my headphones. He told me ‘This isn’t what They Might Be Giants sound like!!” I just told him. “They don’t sound like anything”.”

And that’s true, in a way. They’ve got such a big variety of music; one of the many reasons I just love them.

(I just want to clarify that Pureferret is not a personal friend, not even a “pretend” friend. I just liked his/her comment)

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