So now it’s almost exactly two weeks til I’m going to London, and there is a lot of planning taking place. Though most is taken care of and in order, I am still pretty worried that things won’t work well, and it is mostly because of one thing: The Olympics. And yes, I know a lot of people are oh so happy that the Olympics finally are coming to London, or just Europe even and it’s probably pretty great and such, but I can’t help but let it get on my nerves.
First of all, as I’ve mentioned we’re coming home the 13th and the Olympics end the 12th, I figured things would be working fine after that, but no. They’ve decided they should shut down the ENTIRE tube system, because the Olympics end the DAY BEFORE. I don’t understand! Or I do understand, sort of. And I’m not really that angry. At first I just figured it would be easy because we could just use the same routine we would use on the way in to London, but we had to use the bus, and when things just take a sudden turn of change like that I freak out. Not that it was that sudden. And not that I actually freaked out.
Another thing that really surprised and worried me a lot was what I read at the “IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU SHOULD READ” section of my National Express ticket:

What? What if there isn’t any space available? What happens to my luggage? What will I do if there isn’t any space for my extra luggage?! One of the main reasons my friend and I are going to London is going shopping! Of corse we need extra luggage! What happens to it if we can’t get it in the bus?! We’re doomed.

I know it’s probably not that serious, but I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. Do they just leave the luggage? I know the ticket says I can’t bring it onboard, but am I allowed if there really isn’t any space at all? If you know anything about this at all, please let me know. It will be deeply appreciated.
This wouldn’t have worried me as much if the Olympics wasn’t in town. Obviously there is going to be A LOT of people in London at the time we’re there, so the busses will be a little fuller around that time, I figured. Ugh, what if there won’t be any room for our luggage?!

That was just my little rant about the Olympics. As you might have figured by now, the Olympics doesn’t interest me even the tiniest bit and I just really wish it wasn’t there. And you might say “Well, stupid of you to book a trip to London if you knew the Olympics were taking place at that time. You’re stupid and I hate you!”, but there really wasn’t any other time to do it. “Really, not at all?”. No, not at all. We had to pick exactly that date. “oh, I’m sorry I take everything back”. Yes, well, there you go.
So don’t come here.

Anyway, despite of all that I am looking forward to this trip SO much! You can probably tell just by how much I’m talking about it. I’ll have an update and everything a few days before I leave and I’ll do that same thing about this that I did with Barcelona, so looking forward to that as well. Also, I will tell you about the other things I’m doing the next two weeks, one (or maybe even two) that you don’t know of! Whaat?! I don’t tell you about everything, you know. There has to be some mystery left, though you will eventually find out about it when I talk about it later, so.

Try and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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