There they go…

In just a few days I am going to what is commonly known as a going-away-party. This particular party is in honour of my long lasting best friend. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a very good friend (my very first friend to be exact, with exception of my younger sister) that I got the first day I started pre-school. Since that day we’ve been best friends and lived pretty close to eachother for 13 years. Now, though, she is suddenly to vanish to Northern Norway (while I’m left in Southern Norway) to join the army. And frankly, to be perfectly honest, it’s sort of against my beliefs. I am what you would call a pasifist, so now you’ve learned something new about me as well.
Just to show you how far she’ll actually be away from me, here’s a map:

It is quite unbelievable. I’m used to be able to see her whenever I want, and now I’ll see her maximum two or three times a year. That is very stupid.

These are the oldest and newest photos I could find of us. Enjoy!

I really will really really miss you. It just hasn’t dawned on me properly yet.

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