Move your arse!

Well, as I’ve stated earlier we are getting kicked out of our house. At the moment we have nowhere to live and they can’t throw us out on to the streets, so we get to live here a little longer. We’re squatting with rent, if you like. I am currently, at this moment, right now, packing my belongings into a small box. The biggest impact, I think is all the pictures I had on my wall. They were literally¬†covering every wall in my room and now they’re all in a little box. I would show you the difference, but #1: I don’t have a camera (my dad brought it to Finland) and #2: I don’t think you would’ve noticed the difference because you’ve never actually seen my room.
I will give you further updates about the moving process as we go along, but at the moment nothing much is happening.

I also got a job interview (wohoo!), which is taking place Tuesday at 04:00 p.m. and I am very much looking forward to it. I will inform you whether I got the job or not.

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