Symphonious Thursday #1

Just because I’ve been discovering a lot of new music lately, and because this blog needs some structure, I decided it should have something I’d like to call “Song of the week”.  Every thursday, apparently, I’ll be posting a new song, as long as I have the ability to do it. By that I mean, unless I am somewhere without Internet or anything else that would make it impossible for me to post something on here, I will post a new song every thursday. I might come up with a better name later, but for now this’ll do.

This week I’ve been listening a lot to Barenaked Ladies, but not really any particular songs. The one I think I like the most, however, is this one:

I think the lyrics are pretty clever, original and hilarious. I’ve been listening to Barenaked Ladies a lot in the past, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they remind me of a more modern They Might Be Giants, with a 90’s touch. I like it a lot, and this song is just perfect.

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